Countermeasures for the Bounce

Countermeasures for the Bounce

First the good news … visitors flocked to your website. The bad news is, they hit just one page and fled. Not exactly a windfall for your brand. You had hoped for action. Perhaps guests were to download information or make a purchase. Instead, they browsed and bolted, leaving you empty handed and mystified.   … Continue reading »

Call to Action (CTA) : Marketing’s Profitable Nudge

Call to Action (CTA) : Marketing’s Profitable Nudge

You can’t push your way to profits. Not in the world of brand marketing, anyway. Slam consumers with too much force, and they’ll likely bolt from the barn. This caveat is particularly relevant to the implementation of any call-to-action (CTA). When implementing these proven action-triggers, don’t push, don’t shove, don’t poke. Nudge. Conversions are much … Continue reading »

Changing Tides – March 2016

  March 2016 | Google exits right lane and merges left. Google made major news last week when it eliminated the right rail (sidebar) ad slots and moved its CPC paid search results into a single column on the left. While consumers will appreciate the clean white page look, it will impact marketers in 3 … Continue reading »

Global Healthcare IT plugs into Young Company for social and digital marketing.

Contact: Patti Compton Young Company   Global Healthcare IT plugs into Young Company for social and digital marketing.   Huntington Beach, CA – August 6, 2015 – Global Healthcare IT is one of the premier providers of IT talent to the healthcare industry. For more than 15 years, Global has successfully supplied top quality talent … Continue reading »

The Social Side of SEO

    Every brand marketer on the planet (and perhaps beyond) knows about the soaring popularity of social media. But how does social stack up in the SEO department? Can the platform impact search results?   As with most marketing-related questions, there are no easy answers to this inquiry. For instance, content that draws a … Continue reading »

OK International Fuses with Young Company

      OK International Fuses with Young Company LAGUNA BEACH, CA – January 2, 2014 – Ok International, a Dover Company, is a global manufacturer of bench tools, equipment and related products that are used in the electronics and industrial product assembly. With the new year, Ok International is to introduce a new product … Continue reading »

Fristers Announces the Kidsters Childcare and School-Readiness Program

A Free Service for Children Who Need It Most: Children of Teen Mothers. NEWPORT BEACH, CA – August 27, 2013 – Fristers, a nonprofit organization that assists teen moms to become self-sufficient through education, support, and community referrals (, has added a new school-readiness program for the children of teen moms. The Kidsters Childcare and … Continue reading »