The Secret to Avoiding the Start-n-Stop Survey

The Secret to Avoiding the Start-n-Stop Survey

The Secret to Avoiding the Start-n-Stop Survey | Young Company

How do customers see your brand? Do they deem you the king of the hill? Do they rate you lower than dirt? A brand marketer can find out courtesy of the online customer survey.

A survey, of course, is effective only if completed. Unfortunately, many aren’t. For some reason, certain recipients abandon these questionnaires before reaching the finish line. Start-n-stop. Marketers are left scratching their heads as they grope for explanations.

The most likely explanation is a simple one – your survey didn’t match recipient expectations. This is crucial. Consumers, it seems, have their own ideas about surveys. If the questionnaire clashes with their vision, disappointment and ultimately abandonment result. Brand marketers, therefore, should be up front with their surveys; let recipients know exactly what to expect. Shoppers who accept the parameters will take the survey; those who don’t, won’t. It’s that easy. True, not everyone will commit. But those who do will reward you with completed surveys. As for the rest, who needs them.

To be up front, brand marketers should address the three leading consumer concerns – what is the survey about, how many questions are involved, and how much of my precious time required. Anybody who commits to a questionnaire is implicitly amenable to the three parameters you set forth. Abandonment, therefore, is unlikely.

Brand marketers also should address the privacy issue right off the bat. Will the survey collect personal information? Delve into other hidden areas? You can bet survey recipients want to know before making a commitment. Nothing will drive them away faster than the too-personal question that appears out of nowhere.

Finally, the soliciting brand should include a suitable compensation package when aiming for a completed survey. After all, you’re requesting a time investment. People generally expect something in return. Gifts, coupons, and other incentives generally do the trick. And when all else fails, consider that most trusted of incentivizes – the bribe.

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