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High School Scholarship Campaign for Samsung Digital Presenters.


Samsung Group, Ltd. markets document cameras to the U.S. education market under the Samsung Techwin brand name. The precision devices provide magnification of live and inanimate objects placed under their lens. With the help of a digital projector or HDTV flat screen, small objects appear larger than life. More importantly, this device allows teachers to present science and math problems in front of a class while facing the student. No more back to the class while using the blackboard. Furthermore, students love to use the devices to present their case, story or example to other classmates. This increases student participation which in turn enhances the entire learning experience.

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Raise the profile of Samsung document cameras as a leader in technological solutions for the K-12 education market and begin to build brand awareness and loyalty among young students.


  1. Develop a scholarship program for high school students that draws participation across the U.S. and involves teachers as opinion leaders. Offer seven prizes in an essay competition awarding $1,000 each.

  2. Ask a simple question on a complex topic. Require students to write 500 words or less on the topic of “How will technology impact education in the future? Is it for the better?”

  3. Publicize the completion in teacher’s publications, education industry websites and scholarship sites. Maximize linking with other relevant websites.


  1. Created significant recognition for Samsung as a technological leader in the education market and among students and teachers in particular.

  2. Produced nearly 50,000 Samsung website visits during a three month period. This is a 500% increase over normal website activity.

  3. Awarded scholarships to seven worthy young writers.

  4. Generated local and national PR for Samsung Digital Presenters and the program.

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