Is Your Social Media a Two-Way Street | Young Company

Is Your Social Media a Two-Way Street?

Is Your Social Media a Two-Way Street | Young Company

Is social media your own personal stage? Is your communication policy decidedly one-sided? Well, you might enjoy the limelight. But users won’t appreciate the exclusion. Most visitors want a little say-so once in a while; an opportunity to post responses, share opinions, be acknowledged, and interact with your team. The ol’ give and take definitely has its place here. Social media marketers, therefore, have an obvious mission -- convert one-way communication channels into vibrant two-way streets.

Start the process by building a solid response policy. Here’s how it works. Whenever a user shares a comment, don’t do what far too many others do -- leave it alone and unattended. Or worse, reply with sterile boilerplate – the crowning achievement of insincerity if ever there was one. Instead, craft the most thoughtful answer possible – a masterpiece of personal expression -- and send it to the appropriate party without delay. Who knows? You might just start a conversation. And that conversation might blossom into unshakeable brand loyalty. From there, anything is possible.

Sincere responsiveness also is indicated upon the receipt of more personalized forms of communication -- such as shared photos. No matter how blurry or distorted, all relinquished snaps deserve hearty responses. Skip the dissertations and editorials. A simple ‘like’ will do.  As with lengthier replies, liking is caring.

Bear in mind, social media marketers can and should be initiative takers (unless strictly forbidden by state or local governments). Initiating can be as simple as sharing a relevant article or two with those who connect with you. Rest assured, your generous input will be highly prized.     

Finally, be proactive by starting a conversation, making sure it really is an invitation to respond.  Remember, you’re not doing a monologue. You’re building an open two-way street. Where the conversation leads is anyone’s guess. But no matter how far it goes, you can bet your brand will be the better appreciated for it.    

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