Market Research Orange County

Reduce risk with decision-focused Marketing Research

Universities and think tanks can afford to invest in exploratory research with little or no practical application. Young Company cannot. All of our work for paying clients is designed to assist in making specific business decisions regarding what their customers care about: optimal pricing, value propositions, service trade-offs, product features and benefits. We call it “decision focused” research because we work hard up front to determine what key strategic decisions our client will be making as a result of the research. From this, we then develop a research mythology that enables us to uncover the answers our clients need to hear to make better business decisions.

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Our market research is often used to objectively benchmark a company’s brand attributes vs. its competitors. It is simply smart business to reduce risk and improve results with decision focused research. Young Company has extensive experience in conducting hundreds of research projects and programs for both consumer and business-to-business firms. For years, we were one of the top market research companies in Los Angeles. Today, our Orange County office is fully staffed and highly resourceful in utilizing secondary research to segment markets and provide an objective foundation of market information. Our extensive experience in primary market research spans a wide range of target audiences and industries.

Marketing Research Capabilities:

  • Advertising Effectiveness Research
  • Brand Awareness and Image
  • Corporate Branding and Positioning
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Executive Interviews, Focus Groups
  • Online Surveys, Google Analytics
  • Market Penetration Studies
  • Market Segmentation Studies
  • Market / Competitive Analysis
  • Quantitative Tracking Studies
  • Strategic Marketing Research
  • Syndicated / Industry Research
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Mail Surveys
  • Website Optimization Studies

B2B Market Research Experience

B2B market research differs from consumer research in that the purchase decision is typically a committee decision with IT, Marketing, Procurement and Operations all weighing in with the key decision makers such as the CFO or CEO. Young Company has had extensive experience conducting market research for some of the top B2B and technology companies including: Advisys, Arbitech, IBM, International Rectifier, Phillips, Samsung, Texas Instruments and many other excellent corporations.

Please let us know your challenge and allow us to propose a solution that enables you to make better decisions.