Too much advertising is wasted. It is wasted on disinterested prospects. People who are not currently in the market. Oh sure, you can build demand over time. You can build brands in their minds. But there is no substitute for timing your message to arrive when your prospect is in the market. Or for helping them through the decision process until they buy. And after they purchase, digital marketing will help them to become loyal promoters of your brand - telling others about you. We're here to help you get the most out of all that digital marketing has to offer.


Leverage the impact of traditional creative with the efficiency of the Internet.

For 20 years Young Company has been leading the way by integrating Internet Marketing with traditional media strategies. The combination is unbeatable, producing the highest returns and the lowest CPA. Today, Young Company conducts market research, buys all media and creates ads, websites and videos in our digital studio located in lovely downtown Laguna Beach – the art center of Orange County.

Our services are driven by what our clients need at any given time.

For the past 65 years, Young Company has been a leader in embracing new technologies to reach target audiences with ever-greater efficiency, impact and timing. In early 1950s, the agency was located in heart of Hollywood where it could produce TV commercials. In those days it was important to be close to typographers, engravers, stat houses and stock photo libraries. Today, we can be located anywhere... so we chose Laguna Beach!


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“Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.”- Thomas Edison

No, we’re not promoting lawless chaos. But we are devoted to discovering more effective ways to communicate with our client’s target markets. And this means constantly digging, probing, learning and experimenting with alternative solutions.

Art + Science = Creative Marketing Communications

Marketing is a science and it’s becoming more exact all the time. Unless you have money to burn, marketing to your highest potential target market segments is the only way to grow business cost-effectively. And measuring performance is imperative to continuous improvement. Creative communication is an art. Advertising must stand out to have any impact in a very noisy world.

We’re here to help build brands and grow companies.

Our mission is to help our clients grow their companies and nurture their brands with well-crafted marketing communications. We have helped over 100 clients grow their businesses in a wide range of industries. We are brutally honest and pragmatic. Our passion at Young Company is merging the latest techniques in marketing science with strategic thinking and highly creative executions.

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Participation is the way to learn and give back.

In the rapidly changing world of marketing communications we find it necessary to stay current with changes that affect our clients. We are grateful for the support and insight we gain from our affiliation with a number of local and national organizations.


A History of Reinvention

Young Company has a long history of applying new communications technologies to solve marketing challenges. At its inception, Taggart & Young (predecessor of Young Company) was a pioneer in using television for advertising. Back then, the commercials were shot live. We began building websites for clients in 1994 -- the same time that Amazon and Google were launched.

Currently, we concentrate on developing successful marketing campaigns that leverage the integration of micro-sites, public relations and social media to drive traffic and conversions more cost effectively.

Young Company is a high-energy integrated marketing communications agency that provides creative advertising, marketing, public relations, and Internet marketing services for regional, national and international clients. Reinvention is not an option, but a necessity in our culture and time, and the key to our future success. Young Company has reinvented itself over ten times in the past 60 years...and we are doing it again.Have Questions? We Can Help!

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