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Driving More Traffic Your Direction - Young Company

Advertising is everywhere, yet much of it is wasted. Not because it is poorly created, but because it is not well targeted. Identifying each client’s highest priority markets and the most efficient means to reaching those markets is precisely how Young Company achieves superior results. Some call it shooting fish in a barrel. We call it smart marketing.

Young Company is an Orange County digital advertising agency that is proud to be included as one of the top Orange County advertising agencies by the Orange County Business Journal. We specialize in niche marketing for clients large and small. The better job we do helping a client define their most potent market segment, the more budget we can put towards those most likely to purchase. This is why market research is integral to most of our programs and key to our client's success.

Advertising Services

Great advertising that’s different by design

“Great advertising” is entirely subjective. So what really matters is who’s judging. Our creative process begins with a detailed creative brief that delineates the persona of the target audience as well as features, benefits and the unique selling proposition. Once the strategic blueprint is established we create alternate concepts that are frequently judged on the following criteria:


Without awareness, not much happens. And advertising is often the most cost-effective way to create it. Knowledge, trial usage, brand preference and loyalty are all essential to sustainable growth. But it all starts with awareness.


Everyone wants preference because it leads to the Holy Grail – LOYALTY. But what’s interesting is that the AWARENESS has a huge impact on PREFERENCE. Brand loyalty has a huge influence on growth, profit and MARKET VALUE.

Classic Creative

Think of us as a digital agency with classic ad agency creative skills. While creative messaging is all but a lost art with many pure digital agencies, we leverage our creative advertising agency skills to deliver high-impact advertising throughout all mediums.

Digital Savvy

Internet Marketing is a two-way street. Each medium has its advantages, but no medium prior to Internet Marketing has offered advertisers a means of conducting two-way communication with customers and prospects. Young Company is zealous about harnessing Internet Marketing for the benefit of our clients.

Focus On Results

It’s time to connect with your audience and focus on results. Once the plan is done, the fun begins. We love to push the envelope in whatever medium is chosen producing creative advertising that will resonate with your target audience and produce the results you need to grow.