Orange County Advertising - Print Portfolio

Periodical Advertising Portfolio: Magazines and Newspapers

We live in a digital world -- and print may have "calmed down" but it is certainly still alive and kicking. According to AdWeek, magazine readership continues to inch upward. The fastest gains in that segment? Teen Vogue,Esquire and The Atlantic. What does that tell you about the future of print advertising? Thought-leaders (The New Yorker, The Economist, Etc.) are still dominating the magazine market while fashion glossies continue to increase readership along with food magazines. Clearly, print is still a valid advertising segment worth pursuing.

Great advertising that’s different by design

“Great advertising” is entirely subjective. So what really matters is who’s judging. Our creative process begins with a detailed creative brief that delineates the persona of the target audience as well as features, benefits and the unique selling proposition.