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Social Media: Harnessing the power of trusted connections.

Connecting consumers to brands is at the core of our model: We leverage the social graph to create campaigns that build brand loyalty, customer acquisition, customer retention and long-term brand equity. Our social media strategies deliver to multiple touch-points driving highly qualified user traffic to a central social experience. Strategy, marketing, content, visual design, and a robust technology infrastructure utilize leading best practices in converting fans to evangelists.

As the social media boom has erupted within the marketplace, we have made it a priority to keep our finger on the ever-changing pulse of this exciting dimension. While some agencies may focus all their efforts within this arena, we at Young Company believe that social media management should be considered a component of an overall marketing communication strategy.


Whether it’s text, posted, tweeted or gone viral, we've developed social media management plans for many of our clients, not because everyone’s doing it but because itʼs right for their business objectives. Through cohesive analysis and strategic planning, we develop integrated social media management plans that work in tandem with overall brand messaging. This combination has allowed our clients to more successfully utilize the social realm and maximize their visibility among new audiences.


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We’re currently managing a range of business’ social media across almost every medium including:


Facebook is amazing for both brand engagement and analytic data. Facebook is a trove of marketing knowledge, and we can customize your brand's page for both consumer engagement and facebook ads. We're experts at managing Facebook brand pages and can take the important time necessary to compile the data and maximize your brand's impressions and engagements.




Twitter can be a huge source of consumer engagement and may also provide a significant boost to your brand's online relevance. What is it you need to say? Twitter puts traditional news sources to shame by reporting in-the-moment. If your brand needs to be on the pulse of up-to-the-minute news in your market, we will manage your Twitter account and customize to for your branding needs. We manage both advertising on twitter and simple tweets for your brand.



Pinterest is a great way to reach women AND men. If you're selling physical products and you're not using Pinterest, you're not using social media correctly. We both love and use Pinterest, and we can manage your brand's pins to ensure your business is staying relevant and completely visible on this amazing social platform



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