Why we love direct mail more than ever...

Every advertising medium has its advantages. When you have a relatively small and well defined target audience, as is frequently the case in business-to-business marketing, a direct mail campaign is often the best way to go. Here is why:

More precise targeting.

Databases today can be sort selected to reach the precise audience you want to reach. It goes beyond position and responsibility to pinpoint by geography, company size and other relevant factors. The more you can eliminate waste, the more you can afford to spend reaching your highest potential audience. The 40/40/20 rule of direct mail success claims that 40% of a mailing’s success comes from the list, 40% from the offer and 20% from the creative. We agree, but at the same time believe that if the list is not 100% on target, the other elements will have 0% impact.

Time to make some noise.

Powerful messaging and nice packaging is only a part of what a creative direct mail campaign can do. We’ve incorporated sound chips, 3D lenticulars, pop-ups, candy, toys, gloves, lunch pails, bugs, watches, tools, and other trinkets to get attention. And it works!

Direct mail has more impact.

Or at least it should. With the right packaging, it can stand out in someone’s inbox and say “Hello – I’ve got a message for you.” With direct mail, the package can be integral to the message. Here is where the little guy can stand out more than the big boys with the right message and a clever packaging job. We love dimensional mail because small boxes get opened by gatekeepers and often passed on to the big cheese. What other media gets delivered by an executive’s most trusted advisor?

So old it’s new again.

Direct mail has been around a long time. In recent years, email has taken the leading role for targeted direct response. Yet, because there is so much of it, people often “junk” emails that come from an unfamiliar sender – preventing a marketer from being invited to their inbox ever again. This leaves more room in the snail mail inbox for creative direct mail to stand out, get noticed and trigger positive action.

Pushing the envelope.

Direct mail is going to be more expensive on a cost-per-touch basis than any other media. Yet it can have greater impact. This is why it is essential to pare down the list and become friendly with the U.S. Post Office. There are dozens of techniques that can be employed to reduce postage and handling. And at Young Company, we pursue them all. We’ve gone to the seminars and worked with a few highly reliable sources that enable us to push the envelope and keep costs to a minimum.

Response is what counts.

Young Company conducts multi-touch campaigns using a variety of media for many clients. When we run direct mail and email to the same audience, we get a higher return from the direct mail. Of course, these are highly targeted lists and somehow great direct mail breaks through.

Samsung SDP – See the Difference

Sometimes direct mail can serve a number of useful purposes. For Samsung Digital Presenters, who serves the K–12 education market, this mailer was sent on behalf of dealers to schools, and transformed into a poster of a ladybug for teachers to post in their classrooms. It also provided a complete product matrix that explained the features, benefits and applications for each of the models in Samsung’s product line. The results of this program are proprietary information available only from the client.samsung


After conducting focus groups with financial advisors, we concluded that speed and simplicity were the primary benefits this audience wished to receive from a financial planning software package.

“Relax. With BRT’s All-In-One, you’re already done.” was a message designed to increase the effectiveness of an outbound telemarketing program by communicating a compelling message advance of the phone call. Besides addressing a major benefit, recipients were offered a $100 incentive to act now.Advisys570

Samsung Digital Video

With a new team and renewed commitment to its distribution channel, Samsung Techwin, a leader in digital video, made its announcement via direct mail with an invitation to meet in person at the industry’s leading trade show. “Redefining …what you’d expect in digital video security” was supported by Samsung Techwin’s advertising and website, and trade show messaging as well.samsung2

Resort Cabanas

The “PRIVACY” sticker on the outside of the cabana mailer dares the recipient to open it. And in turn, it opens their minds to the idea that “Poolside cabanas are romantic, cozy, sexy and profitable”. The offer was a free ROI Report and Calculator on “How Luxury Resorts are Profiting from Resort Cabanas”. By delivering as part of an ongoing campaign of mailers to thousands of hotel managers and landscape architects throughout the county – Resort Cabanas was able to open new doors in dozens of hotel and resort chains. The majority of inquiries came through a BRC (Business Reply Card), although a high number of respondents also visited a “squeeze page” prepared by Young Company that facilities lead generation and also links to the client’s primary site which showcases its distinctive styles, colors and durable construction.cabanas

TDK Semiconductor – Here’s a Handy Tool

The time to market is a critical factor when selecting a semiconductor partner. TDK needed to punctuate that it could deliver the programming and development support needed to get products with embedded modems to market faster. To add impact to this message, a TDK branded stopwatch is enclosed. This piece is one of a series of dimensional mailers developed to support TDK in its target account penetration program. The result of this program is proprietary information available only for the client.tdk3l570

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments had a need to reach a select group of fewer than 300 engineers and managers at the world’s leading disk drive companies. After a series of focus groups to aid in the framing of specific issues, a series of intrusive mailers was developed. Designed as dimensional mail fitted to a FedEx box, each mailer shouted a two word message and was supported with a creative gift such as a large beetle suspended in a Lucite paperweight. This campaign took first place in the National ProComm Awards for the Business Marketing Association and top honors at the Promo’s Awards as well.ti

Edison Que Awards Program

Already leading the nation in clean energy initiatives, Southern California Edison is committed to continuous process improvement. In an effort to act on this commitment, SCE has initiated a Quality Awards program called QUE “Quality Underlies Efficiency”. Already awash in corporate acronyms, Young Company developed an internal marketing campaign titled “AYI: Are You In?” leveraging a corporate culture that prides itself on knowing what these acronyms mean. This integrated campaign is supported by facility banners, emails and a QUE Microsite that contains all of the program information.Edison_DM570

Ropak Packaging

As the largest producer of plastic pail containers in the U.S., Ropak is no stranger to innovation. This assignment was the perfect marketing storm for Ropak’s Diamond-Weave containers that are stronger, lighter, greener and less expensive than anything on the market. Our multi-talented “Ropak man” mailer was delivered to over a thousand packaging designers bearing a gift of South of the Boarder Margarita Mix. A mix that had already adopted Diamond-Weave and has just won a national packaging award for creativity, beauty, economy and greenness. And a gift that opened doors for Ropak all over the country.RopakDirectMail

ARAMARK – Dress for Success

Independent research can be very compelling when your goal is to convert non-users into users. ARAMARK levered a JD Power study that reported that employees in uniform were perceived as significantly more trustworthy than employees not in uniform. In competitive markets, this can be a valuable differentiator. ARAMARK received double duty with this mailing piece that was adapted to four vertical markets: Automotive, Restaurant; Food Preparation; Maintenance.DressforSuccess570

Commerce Energy – Freedom of Choice Sweepstakes

Everyone loves having a choice. And everyone loves winning. So Commerce Energy offered a choice of Alaska, Caribbean or Hawaiian cruises if you were lucky enough to win their Freedom of Choice Sweepstakes. This business-to-consumer promotion combined a traditional direct mail letter and brochure with several post card mailing. The result of this program is proprietary information available only for the client. commerceenergy

Commerce Energy– It’s Time to Clear the Skies

Everyone is in favor of cleaner air. But not everyone wants to pay more for it. Commerce Energy gives consumers the best of both worlds with Clear Choice™. With the lowest cost per kWh for wind power, residents can save money and contribute to a cleaner environment. With an offer of free 2 weeks of clean electricity, it’s a win, win, win when homeowners sign up online. The result of this program is proprietary information available only for the client.COMM_ScoreBig570

Commerce Energy – Score Big on Low Cost Electricity!

The idea is simple. Save big when you switch to Commerce Energy. To drive home the relevancy of this message, we featured sports fans at home watching a power-hungry plasma big screen. Creatively, this tied to the television ads which featured three time Super Bowl Champion Chad Hennings as Commerce Energy’s pitchman. The result of this program is proprietaryinformation available only for the client.  COMM_cleanenergy570

WEG Motors – Cooler Mailer

OptimalFlux is a new technology developed by WEG Motors of Brazil to enable motors to run a lot cooler. Running cooler is important for several reasons: the motor lasts longer and it is more efficient. To dramatize this message, we sent the mailers to engineers in a WEG branded canvas cooler a week before the July 4th weekend. The response was not only immediate, but it delivered a lasting message.