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A 3D model can be a great marketing tool to sell your products. With good quality, high resolution renders of your product there's no need for an expensive photoshoot. It also allows quick changes in case when new ideas cross the mind and require minor or even major alterations.

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Whether we create your 3D product design or you give us the CAD model. We can then texture and upload your product design to Sketchfab for a great 3D product display or your website.

Production Optimization

Need better looking images for your website? Dont' have the products manufactered but need a website up with the products in realistic 3D? Don't worry Young Company has your back and we utilize Autodesk's Fusion 360 integrated CAD, CAM, and CAE software to create our web products.


The objective of any prototype is to verify the design as presented by the Engineers, and also to validate the overall concept as envisioned by the client. We offer any level of prototype manufacturing. We only prototype products which we engineered.


Eye-appealing designs must be integrated early in the project development phase for products intended for the consumer market. Functionality will always drive the finished design. Initially, hand sketches are combined with CAD modeling to create a stylish look.

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We know that every product, project, company and inventor is different, so we offer many flexible services around product design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing to fit your needs. Contact us to speak about your next project. Not only do we create products just to be viewed on the web but with Fusion 360 Young Company can provide:

3D Product Modeling Design, Mechanical Design, Industrial Design, Packaging & Assembly, Functional Prototypes, Custom Tradeshow Booth Design, 3D Printing & More.

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