Website Cost Estimator

What will you spend to achieve web superiority in your category?

If you believe there is a great opportunity to grow your business with a superior website, you have arrived at the right place. Young Company prides itself on aligning with progressive companies that are investing in their online presence and utilizing the efficiency of the Internet to attract and convert visitors into prospects and customers more cost-effectively than ever before.

Similar to a profitable retail environment, a successful website needs to be discovered by the right type of customers. They need to enjoy the experience, appreciate the service, covet the time savings and find value in the process that brings them back again and again. It is essential that a successful website be designed in light of the competition in the category with realistic expectations. Young Company offers several additional tools to help you budget sufficiently to succeed online.

The cost of websites range from $99 specials to the Obamacare website that reportedly cost more than $2.1 billion. Young Company builds custom websites that cost more than those $99 specials and work a lot better for a lot less than the Obamacare site.


For the purpose of estimating the cost of a website, we assume the following:

  • Agency will provide all planning, design, programming, optimization and launch
  • The site will be built in a WordPress CMS framework to enable client staff to make simple edits to content themselves
  • The new website will be responsive to mobile/tablet/big screen presentation
  • License or cost of plugins shall be added only upon client approval
  • Google Analytics will be installed on the site when completed
  • Integration with and other ERP systems requires extra budget
  • Agency will make available its photo library of over 80 million professional images
  • A standard FTP database will be provided to hold your website content
  • Young Company employees perform all work unless otherwise specified
  • Client and agency will agree to mutually acceptable time schedule
  • Client will select one project manager from among their committee to act as project communicator and decision-maker.
  • Client Project Manager will provide a current business plan or an existing website that conveys its mission, values, products, and other relevant information as well as all mandatory text and web corrections
  • Hosting location (by either client or agency) will be determined when programming begins
  • Client will absorb cost overruns if schedule is extended due to scope of work creep or decision delays due to executive availability or other circumstances
  • Agency will absorb cost overruns if delays are due to internal scheduling impediments

What determines the cost to create a top performing website?

The simple answer is time. A lot of websites produced by Young Company fall into the small size category. These sites typically range between 5 and 15 pages. But we do not base our estimate on pages alone. Our estimate is based on a detailed scope of work, the number of anticipated hours and the diversity of skills required to achieve online success.

The level of competition in your category and the importance of web marketing to your business will influence the level of investment needed to achieve category superiority. Many clients find it necessary to upgrade to a larger budget in order to attain category leadership.

If you care about winning on the web, we are the right firm to hire. We consider each client’s website as their most important new business engine: their 24/7 salesforce that attracts more prospects, makes more first impressions, nurtures more potential clients and converts more visitors into customers than anyone in the company. All of our sites are beautifully designed and written to appeal to human eyes as well as Google eyes.

While we depend on each client’s input, we also need to bring added value as skilled advertising professionals and as SEO experts. Based upon a well-researched keyword strategy, each page is optimized to rank high for a specific keyword phrase. We use a proprietary method of optimizing each page to ensure that every aspect, from the page title and meta-description to the header tags and body copy, are crafted and optimized for maximum search ability based on the key word strategy.

The benefit of hiring Young Company to write the website is quite frankly why our clients’ sites perform so well. It is also why we typically charge more than a skilled programmer or designer. We put more time and energy into creating a more engaging and compelling website experience.

Once you realize that the overwhelming majority of natural search traffic goes to only the top 2% of performing websites in a given category and you decide that you want to be one of them, we will do everything possible to help make this a reality. While search optimization can do a lot to get people to your website, the experience they have there, measured by the amount of time they spend, the bounce rate and other metrics, go a long way to determining where your site is placed in the search rankings.

Here are the types of additions that can drive up your online success:

  • Research to determine your optimal brand positioning and key messaging
  • Custom graphics and illustrations that provide useful information
  • Dynamic infographics that convey complex concepts with simplified visuals
  • Custom animation of text and images to enhance creative communications
  • Interactive financial calculators and scientific tools
  • Custom videos that educate, entertain or both
  • Social media integration in the form of a blog or forum
  • Custom landing pages designed to capture leads for specific products
  • Special pages or even sections developed to enhance search ability
  • Product databases that can be searched in a variety of useful ways
  • Ecommerce platform that enables products to be purchased
  • Photo archives of corporate or industry information
  • Directories or glossaries of useful information
  • Sales lead qualification and integration with or other CRM
  • Multiple divisions serving different markets with different offerings
  • Multiple languages (with or without multicultural check)
  • Multi-country hosting