Young Company Clients

Access World
Starting as a family company in Trieste, Italy and growing into a global organization with headquarters in Switzerland, Access World has been an end to end Logistics Service Provider since 1933. Access World is a leading service provider for all major commodity markets such as forest and agricultural products, project cargo, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, polymers and oil and gas. Customers include producers, traders, financiers and consumers.
AMB | Accounting for Mortgage Bankers

AMB is an extremely robust mortgage accounting system that goes beyond the debits and credits to track transactions on a loan by loan basis. At the push of a button, AMB can present which loans comprise an account balance, any balance and at any time. The real-time nature of the system, as opposed to older “Batch” oriented systems, allows for faster data entry, eliminates the need for time consuming posting routines and makes instant reporting possible.

Eye Magic Photo

Eye Magic Photo has been servicing Orange County and Los Angeles County for over a decade. Eye Magic Photo is a full-service imaging studio, photo lab and photography studio that provides individuals, professionals and businesses with industry knowledge, equipment, and expertise to create art using photography, photo and negative scanning, photo restoration and editing, photo enlargements, and fine art printing.

Falkenberg/Gilliam & Associates

Falkenberg/Gilliam & Associates specializes in managing senior citizens, HUD-subsidized properties in Southern California. FGA manages 18 buildings with approximately 2,450 apartments. As one of the more prominent managers of affordable housing options in Southern California, FGA uses the newest technology available to bridge the gap between the building staff, the boards of directors, the owners, and their residents.


Fristers is a non-profit organization that provides education, access to resources, role models, and support to teen mothers and their children. The Fristers program  aids those who are in need to live healthy and productive lives through their weekly LifeCoach sessions that help to support teen mothers. Young participants can attend a 32-week program that includes one-on-one case management, classroom teaching, relationship-building activities, as well as group projects and field trips.

ITC Diligence International Inc

Since 1971, ITC-Diligence International Inc. has been involved in the growth of the Foreign Trade Zone industry. ITC is an international trade consultant, 4PL provider, national corporate Customs Agency, and one of the largest independent General-Purpose Zone Operator of Foreign Trade Zones in Southern California. ITC offers unique solutions to supply chain challenges through a deeply connected and wide reaching network of warehouses, transportation fleets, helpful customs agents and entry points, as well as cost saving Foreign Trade Zones that allow them to serve clients across the globe.

JMG Security Systems
Since 1987, JMG has proudly provided businesses throughout Southern California with top-of-the-line security system solutions. JMG brings expertise in the fields of Video Surveillance, Fire and Security Integration, Access Control and 24/7 monitoring. JMG works continuously to present security solutions at the forefront of technology while maintaining award-winning customer service. Clients include Angel Stadium, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Honda Center and the San Diego Zoo.
Large Loss Mastery
LLM specializes in commercial large loss training and offers courses both online and in-person throughout the continental United States. Training course topics include damage assessment, estimating, scoping, contracting, vital document recovery, critical path planning, communications, documentation and audit triggers.
Rezzimax was founded by inventor and esteemed physical therapist, Sharik Peck, who developed the Rezzimax® Pain Tuner Pro to help himself and his wife, Cheryl Peck, manage their chronic pain. Together, Sharik and Cheryl, President of Rezzimax, have built a successful family business named the “Coolest thing made in Utah 2020”. Rezzimax offers a natural solution to chronic pain management through vagus nerve stimulation and combines resonance with progressive stress-management techniques to provide a safe and effective solution. By incorporating Rezzimax into their pain management routine, individuals can unlock the potential of all natural pain relief.
Subaru of Irvine

Irvine Subaru has achieved the distinction of being the number one Subaru Dealer in Southern California for the past five years and continues to receive recognition for its high quality sales and service. Young Company manages Frank’s advertising and event marketing to leverage Subaru’s national co-op program.

Weber Plywood

For over six decades, Weber Plywood & Lumber Co. has honored their promise to deliver high quality plywood, hardwood, softwood, particle board, and lumber products to their Southern California clientele. An Orange County local, Weber's vast inventory, competitive pricing, and next-day delivery are only surpassed by their commitment to excellence and customer service.


Wissle is a private alert system designed for families, friends and HOAs to immediately “Wissle” a group or community at once via smartphone or computer. Wissle alerts are received via email, text message and digital phone messages. Wissle sends pre-formatted alerts to the groups and communities you select in under a minute. With Wissle you contact everyone at once - so those closest to you can be your first responders.