Orange County's SEO experts explain why a top-ranking trophy word is the most coveted digital asset of all.

In the long run and when done properly, SEO will give you a far higher ROI than PPC as there is no 'media spend' and will most likely become your main source of traffic and business growth. You may have a website that has been optimized and is currently ranking for a number keyword phrases. The key to success is to develop an SEO strategy that will attract the customers you want most and in turn will seek what you offer.

Young Company has been providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services since 2003, long before Google offered Google Analytics. The success our clients have received has always been a result of focusing our effort and talent telling our clients’ story in an engaging way that is deserving of being top ranked.  Beware of web providers who over promise and guarantee performance. If they are using Black Hat techniques your site could be punished with dramatically reduced rankings or even permanently remove your site from their index.

68% of search engine traffic goes to the top 3 organic results!

SEO-pie-chart-circle-revisedThis may sound threatening or over the top, but consider this:

- 89% of U.S. purchases are shopped or researched of the Internet

- Google uses 200 factors to rank search results

- Search results change regularly due to competition search location!

- 36%  of search engine traffic goes to the Top Ranked Result

- 33%  of search engine traffic goes to the 2nd Ranked Result

- 11%  of search engine traffic goes to the 3rd Ranked Result

- 38%  of search engine traffic goes to the All Other Results

The Internet is a great equalizer

With a top SEO program, David can triumph over the Goliaths of the industries; where an underdog’s well-optimized website can take a big bite out of the leading brand’s sales.

In Orange County, SEO services are plentiful, with over 50 SEO companies guaranteeing first-page placement within 90-days. But SEO is not a short-term process. It’s an ongoing review and employment of basic principles combined with new trends tested against search engines’ ever-changing litany of rules. Ranking for search requires more than the back-links, page tweaks, and questionable tactics offered by most SEO firms. More and more, it’s the honest, well-written, educational content that drives higher rankings. Google is aware of the formulaic fixes employed by many of these pop-up SEO shops – techniques that will become less and less relevant as Google’s algorithms adapt to informative, well-intentioned web design.



SEO_infographicThe techniques for optimizing a website can be easily split into two categories:

  1. On-site SEO Services (optimizations made to the content of the site)
  1. Off-site SEO Services (optimizations via relevant, credible links from outside a site).


To improve the ability for a website to be found naturally on the Internet, most SEO companies include only the most basic services, such as relevant title tags, meta descriptions and a consistent use of H1 tags. At Young Company we believe you need more.

On-Site SEO services help customers find your site

To improve the ability for your website to be found naturally on the Internet, on-site SEO services include the most basic of things that are done to your website. For on-site SEO there are a plethora of techniques that are used, including relevant title tags, a well-crafted meta description, and a consistent use of H1 tags. We also help you focus on which keywords you would like your website to be optimized for based on their potential to bring you the best customers. For example, “outdoor widgets” may only get 1,000 searches a month, but “widgets for outdoors” gets 10,000. By optimizing for the latter, you are multiplying the fruits of your labor tenfold. There are also many things that can hurt your rankings if you have them on your website, like poison words, keyword stuffing, and blocking the indexing robots. Is your website in flash? Bad news, it’s basically invisible to search engines. As much as there can be said for keywords, having a website that is relevant, transparent, and easy to use cannot be overlooked. However, the most important part of quality on-site SEO service is providing valuable, enlightening content to the reader.

Off-Site SEO services are what wins them over

Off-site search engine optimization has become an even more powerful way to increase your traffic and get your website recognized more by the search bots. This will improve your website’s Google, Yahoo! and Bing ranking by working outside the content and code.

Effective off-site SEO is basically the action of back linking; discovering and linking other relevant websites to your own. Worthy backlinks that relate to your topic will help the search engines to establish the focus of your site and its importance in the online hierarchy. So that your website receives higher rankings, Young Company employs a method called “deep linking” to ensure that individual links point to the most appropriate page on your site, and not simply to the homepage.

Why Young Company for SEO Services?

At Young Company, we place a very high value on the importance of SEO and support our client's programs with a holistic approach to digital marketing. Content creation, social media and public relations can all contribute to your website’s domain authority and the increased traffic that follows.

Through proprietary solutions that comply with the rigorous and shifting demands of the search engines, Young Company’s comprehensive approach to SEO continues to achieve outstanding results for our clients. We employ only white hat techniques and the latest SEO tactics to make our clients’ sites more visible, digestible and attractive to the major global search properties. The result is a steady stream of qualified traffic composed of active buyers and information seekers.

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