How to Be a Webinar Superstar | Young Company

How to Be a Webinar Superstar

How to Be a Webinar Superstar | Young Company

How many online marketing tools can increase leads, sales, and brand awareness -- all at the same time? Tough question to answer. But fear not. There’s one resource capable of such a feat. That resource is the webinar.

Basically, a webinar is an online seminar. During this thrilling exhibition, a specially selected host (or group of hosts) showcases your brand for a hopefully enthralled audience. Pull in enough people, and your brand gets instant exposure on a major scale.  And that’s the key – drawing a big audience. 

One of the major audience-draws is an irresistible topic – typically one that’s both tantalizingly juicy and unmistakably brand-relevant. Over the years, this solid combination has proven itself a reliable audience magnet.

This is only a start, however. Before committing to an appearance, potential spectators will expect something valuable. If you’re short on cash, there’s something else a webinar can offer --increased skill or enhanced knowledge. Make it clear attendees will gain at least one of these benefits, and interest levels will rise.  

Even if the above requirements are satisfied, online marketers still face a monumental challenge. How will they get the word out? Ever hear of social media? Thought so. OK, use it to its fullest. Facebook, Twitter … the whole bunch. In this day and age, nothing can give your upcoming webinar greater exposure than these popular platforms.

Now why go it alone? You can get plenty of support from your favorite influencers and partner brands. They all use social media, don’t they? OK, then they can promote your webinar in their spare time. After all, they probably owe you a long list of favors, right?  

If you have questions or comments about promoting your webinar, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.  

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