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Promotion of Velocium, TRW’s commercial semiconductor spin-off.


TRW is a well-respected company (now both TRW and Velocium aquired by Northrop Grumman). Velocium’s tie to TRW’s experience was important, but secondary to its superior products. However, TRW’s automotive and military defense orientation has inhibited its potential in supplying advanced semiconductors for commercial markets. Velocium provided an opportunity to change perceptions about TRW and serve to demonstrate how TRW’s powerful technology can be successfully marketed into the fast-moving commercial arena. Another barrier to Velocium’s success was the lack of knowledge in the editorial community the benefits of GaAs and, especially, InP technologies for commercial applications.

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Advertising and Blogging

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Velocium in EE Times 2002

Young Company co-authored an article with Velocium in EE Times. This article titled, "The InP Path to Production," featured expert technologies. Additionally, the article covered Velocium’s Indium Phosphide components.

Velocium in Compound Semiconductor 2002

Young Company provided Compound Semiconductor, a well-known technological magazine, a cover story by Velocium about Indium Phosphide for the May 2002 issue. Indium Phosphide is used for fiber optic and wireless telecommunication applications.

Velocium in RF Design 2002

The March 2002 issue of RF Design featured a cover story on, "The Changing Landscape of RF and Fiber Optics," which was credited to Velocium President Dwight Streit.


Raise awareness of Velocium as a leader in the design and fabrication of high-speed gallium arsenide (GaAs) and indium phosphide (InP) components for fiber optic and wireless telecommunication applications.


  1. Educate the media serving the design engineering community on the advantages of GaAs and InP technologies for commercial technologies.

  2. Leverage TRW’s more than 20 years experience in developing and fabricating compound semiconductor components to establish Velocium as the expert in GaAs and InP technologies.

  3. Establish Velocium as the leader in the development and fabrication of high-volume GaAs and InP components in commercial volumes.

  4. Obtain major coverage (magazine covers supported by in-depth technical feature articles) within the media serving the design engineering and commercial compound semiconductor audience.

  5. Encourage the media to cover the new products and partnerships introduced by Velocium during 2002 by delivering relevant and exciting editorial materials and ensuring executive availability for media interviews.


  1. Velocium prominently featured in EE Times "The Art of Change: Technologies for Designing Our Future" supplement in September 2002. Indium phosphide was the first technology featured, with much of the content derived from Velocium materials and interviews. In addition to covering the company, this section featured Velocium photographs and a contributed technical paper, "The InP Path to Production," co-authored by Young Company and credited to Dwight Streit, president of Velocium.

  2. Indium Phosphide cover story in the May 2002 issue of Compound Semiconductor. Velocium provided (via agency) and credited the cover photography, table-of-contents photo and the cover story contributed article recoognized to Velocium President Dwight Streit. Velocium the first company featured in the publication’s feature on InP technology.

  3. Velocium provided the contributed cover story, "The Changing Landscape of RF and Fiber Optics," for the March 2002 issue RF Design. The contributed article, credited to Velocium President Dwight Streit, included several figures and photographs, and a brief biography of Mr. Streit.

  4. In the January 2002 issue of Applied Microwave & Wireless, Velocium authored a Product & Technologies feature on the company’s new modulator driver and contributed to the monthly guest editorial. This piece was titled "For High Performance Wireless and Telecom ICs, It’s Déjà vu All Over Again." The Product & Technology feature, which included graphics and photography, was credited to Frank Kropschot, Velocium’s COO, while Velocium President Dwight Streit authored the editorial.

  5. Publication of other supporting features and regular coverage of new Velocium products and company news within the design engineering, semiconductor business and news media, included CommVerge, EE Times, EBN, Electronic Design, Electronic News, Electronic Products, Fiber Optic Product News, Light Reading, Wireless Design & Development.

  6. Agency’s public relations campaign for Velocium earns "2003 Award of Excellence" by Business Marketing Association’s 28th Annual Pro-Comm Awards, the oldest and most respected business-to-business marketing competition recognizing outstanding communications.

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