Direct Mail Portfolio

Why we love direct mail more than ever!

Every advertising medium has its advantages. When you have a relatively small and well defined target audience, as is frequently the case in business-to-business marketing, a direct mail campaign is often the best way to go. Here is why:

More precise targeting

Databases today can be sort selected to reach the precise audience you want to reach. It goes beyond position and responsibility to pinpoint by geography, company size and other relevant factors. The more you can eliminate waste, the more you can afford to spend reaching your highest potential audience. The 40/40/20 rule of direct mail success claims that 40% of a mailing’s success comes from the list, 40% from the offer and 20% from the creative. We agree, but at the same time believe that if the list is not 100% on target, the other elements will have 0% impact.
May 1, 2019

Hirsch Pipeline – Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Hirsch Pipeline - Direct MailAs a result of thorough market research and data analysis, Young Company brought life to Hirsch’s monthly Direct Mail piece by re-branding it as The Pipeline, a tongue-and-cheek product flyer that speaks to...

Advisys - Direct Mail
July 21, 2012

Advisys – Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Advisys - Direct MailAfter conducting focus groups with financial advisors, we concluded that speed and simplicity were the primary benefits this audience wished to receive from a financial planning software package. “Relax. With BRT’s...

Resort Cabanas - Direct Mail
May 28, 2012

Resort Cabanas – Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Resort Cabanas - Direct MailThe “PRIVACY” sticker on the outside of the cabana mailer dares the recipient to open it. And in turn, it opens their minds to the idea that “Poolside cabanas are romantic, cozy, sexy and profitable”. The...

Samsung SDP - Direct Mail
March 28, 2012

Samsung SDP – Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Samsung SDP – Direct MailSometimes direct mail can serve a number of useful purposes. For Samsung Digital Presenters, who serves the K–12 education market, this mailer was sent on behalf of dealers to schools, and transformed into a...

Edison / Que - Direct Mail
August 28, 2011

Edison Que – Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Edison Que - Direct MailAlready leading the nation in clean energy initiatives, Southern California Edison is committed to continuous process improvement. In an effort to act on this commitment, SCE has initiated a Quality Awards...

Samsung Video - Direct Mail
January 22, 2011

Samsung Video – Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Samsung Video - Direct MailWith a new team and renewed commitment to its distribution channel, Samsung Techwin, a leader in digital video, made its announcement via direct mail with an invitation to meet in person at the industry’s...

Ropak - Direct Mail
July 28, 2010

Ropak – Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Ropak - Direct MailAs the largest producer of plastic pail containers in the U.S., Ropak is no stranger to innovation. This assignment was the perfect marketing storm for Ropak’s Diamond-Weave containers that are stronger, lighter,...

WEG Motors - Direct Mail
October 15, 2007

WEG Motors – Direct Mail

Direct Mail

WEG Motors - Direct MailOptimalFlux is a new technology developed by WEG Motors of Brazil to enable motors to run a lot cooler. Running cooler is important for several reasons: the motor lasts longer and it is more efficient. To...

TDK - Direct Mail
March 15, 2005

TDK Semiconductor – Direct Mail

Direct Mail

TDK Semiconductor - Direct MailThe time to market is a critical factor when selecting a semiconductor partner. TDK needed to punctuate that it could deliver the programming and development support needed to get products with embedded...

Texas Instruments - Direct Mail
January 28, 2004

Texas Instruments – Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Texas Instruments - Direct MailTexas Instruments had a need to reach a select group of fewer than 300 engineers and managers at the world’s leading disk drive companies. After a series of focus groups to aid in the framing of specific...