Our Business-to-Consumer Marketing Experience

Young Company has a long history of helping business-to-consumer marketers build brands in the automotive, financial, healthcare, and retail industries for decades. Staying relevant in the B2C world today means knowing where your audience spends their time, where they go for information, and what they care about. As the average consumer grows smarter, businesses need to keep up by exploring new and innovative ways to build a relationship with their audience.



AMI Del Amo Hospital
AMI Occupation Health
AMI South Bay Hospital
J.H. Biggar & Co.
Breeder’s Choice
The City of Buena Park
CalFed Savings
Century Federal Savings
Charter Hospital of Long Beach
Commerce Energy
Countrywide Bank
Hutchins Consort
Homestead House
Investment Savings
Irvine Subaru
JVC Mobile
LA Pet Foods
Loew’s Santa Monica
Microlite Screens
Musica Angelica
Pacific Health Resources
Park La Brea
Patient Care Medical
Philips Media
Riviera Hotel & Spa
Trust Services of America
Walter’s Audi
Walter’s Mercedes
Walter’s Porsche
Walter Kendal Fives
United Capital
United Way Los Angeles


Pediatric Hospital
Outpatient Clinic
Acute Care Hospital
Skin Conditioning Dog Food
Retail Chain of Fine Home Furnishings
Pet Foods
Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
Trust Division
Continuing Education
Jewelry Safes
Financial Institution
Psychiatric Hospital
Electricity Provider
Financial Institution
Public Utility
CosMed Spa & Boutique
Non-Profit Organization
Home Furnishings
Financial Institution
Auto Dealership
Mobile Tunes and Technology
Resort Hotel
Optical Imaging Technology
Non-Profit Organization
Management Consulting Firm
Health Maintenance Organization
Apartment Community
Medical Supplies and Products
Non-Profit Research Foundation
Luxury Hotel
Biodynamic Herbal Products
Financial Institution
Auto Dealership
Auto Dealership
Auto Dealership
Dog Food
Financial Advisors