Financial Marketing Experience

Our Financial Marketing Experience

Young Company’s founder Doug Young began his career in bank marketing with 1st National Bank of St. Paul, Minnesota when he was in his early twenties. When he moved to California in the 1940s he leveraged his portfolio of highly innovative and creative award-winning campaigns he’d cooked up for the stogy old bank.

The 1950s was an era of tremendous growth in Southern California and the Savings & Loan industry grew faster here than anywhere in the county. Along with then partner Al Hollander (who had a business finance degree from Harvard) the two of them represented a number of S&Ls offering high interest and free toasters to entice people to dump their bank and increase their earnings.

Bart Young started his agency career at age 7 working several weeks one summer gluing 30,000 popsicle sticks into direct mailers for First Federal Savings. The bank was promoting new home construction loans. The bank’s cartoon mascot Freddie First was holding the popsicle like a board to help get the message across and more importantly – to get the mailer opened.

As southland grew and S&Ls closed under the deregulation laws in the 1980s, the agency leveraged its technology marketing knowledge to win some of the region’s most active venture capital firms in the 1990s including Palomar Ventures, Smart Technology Ventures, Rustic Canyon Group and Montgomery & Co Investment Banking.

While serving as Executive Vice President at the Phelps Group in 2004-5 Bart Young served as Account Supervisor on the ever growing Countrywide Financial Account managing both the mortgage and banking sides of that client.

In the area of wealth management, Young Company has worked with Trust Services of America and its parent Cal Fed to reach high net worth individuals and their attorneys. This experience in reaching this exclusive target led to the winning of Compak Asset Management and United Capital Private Wealth Counseling.

Financial Services Marketing requires a mix of agility, creativity and sensitivity to the compliance laws surrounding financial marketing, advertising, website development and public relations. Our approach using primary research to text new approaches and various messaging options has paid big dividends for our financial services clients.