Architectural, Engineering and Construction Marketing Experience

Our Architectural, Engineering and Construction Marketing Experience

Marketing for architectural, engineering and construction services is different. Unlike most B2B markets that rely on distribution channels, many A/E/C marketing programs target owners or managers of public and private construction projects directly. The focus of most A/E/C marketing is typically sales lead generation and winning projects. However, because relationships and reputation are critically important, branding has become more important to sophisticated A/E/C marketers within the past two decades.


For Young Company, the experience began in 1954 when Doug Young introduced Marvin Whiteman’s first power trowel with a direct mail campaign targeting contractors in the Los Angeles. While studying engineering at Stanford, young Whiteman took a summer job pouring concrete which was largely smoothed to finish by hand. Convinced there was a better way, he designed and built the very first concrete power tool. Today, the Whiteman name is owned by MultiQuip who markets the same 60-year-old design as a Whiteman/MultiQuip Power Trowel.

Whiteman went on to invent an entire product line of pumps and specialized equipment used to finish concrete to become the biggest name at the World of Concrete Show every year for three decades. Along the way, Young Company picked up other allied products such as Camlever concrete buckets and Nissan backhoes.

1st Days Impressions

n 2002, the agency had the good fortune of being hired by Fluor Corporation to conduct a global branding study to help determine which of its ten acquired brands should adopt the Fluor Corporate brand and which should remain with their given brand name. Young Company tapped a global network of business-to-business specialized agencies to conduct the study on all continents. The recommendations were well received, which resulted in the agency receiving more work from Fluor in the form of g speaking engagements at over 100 tradeshows a year, the production of some exceptional vertical industry focused videos and the launch of a highly-effective target account program utilizing magazine outserts, which provided Fluor with quarterly gatefold cover stories to send to a select list of under 1,000 of the decision makers at Fortune 300 companies.

Gammalux produces architectural grade luminaries (florescent light fixtures) for commercial and institutional applications. The products are green and efficient, but florescent is typically considered old school and undesirable by architects. Some architects have done a superb job of integrating Gammalux fixtures into their designs. The goal of the new brand identity and website created by Young Company was to present the most elegantly designed florescent fixtures to the world of architects and enable them to budget the cost of the typically customized products online.

In 2008, Ficcadenti & Waggoner commissioned Young Company to rebrand their structural engineering firm with the inclusion of their new partner Tom Castle. The result was one of the most beautiful websites the agency had ever produced year to date.

Focus 360

Today we are honored to be working with Focus 360 who is a leader in the virtualization of model homes and sales presentation software. They are truly masters in the competitive field of model home digital renderings and everything needed to create an incredible virtual world.

Campbell Window Film is the largest 3M window film dealer in the western U.S. and is currently focused on residential and commercial films that cut heat, glare and power bills while providing a significant security benefit via the most sophisticated security window film technology available today.