Healthcare Marketing Experience

Our Healthcare Marketing Experience

Healthcare marketing is a long-time specialty for us at Young Company. With over 65 years’ experience as a full-service advertising agency, we've developed positive marketing partnerships with many of Southern California's top healthcare companies.

In the 1980s Bart Young won the Pacific Health Resources (PHR) account. This was a management consulting firm run by Sam Tibbets, who was at the time the head of the California Hospital Association. Tibbets was a visionary and major architect of what later became known as healthcare reform under the Reagan administration.

Tibbets and his team invented the HMO and launched PacifiCare which was acquired by United Healthcare in 2005. Young Company (then known as Speer, Young & Hollander launched and managed PacifiCare through its growing years. It also handled the marketing, advertising and PR for a number of hospitals managed by PHR.

As Young’s reputation for creative and innovative marketing communications became known in the healthcare marketing field, he acquired a number of additional accounts including several acute hospitals and free-standing clinics operated by American Medical International (AMI) out of Beverly Hills, CA. The agency also handled Charter Hospital of Long Beach who specialized in drug and rehabilitation inpatient services.

As a result of having done work for UCLA Santa Monica Hospital, Young was invited to pitch the UCLA Health Network of 16 clinics serving west Los Angeles. The agency produced some outstanding creative work with the help of creative director Cary Sachs.

With our intelligent, research-based approach to healthcare marketing, we're able to provide deep market insights, transforming marketing strategies into positive ROI and increased consumer engagement. It's our unique approach to target markets where we've built our foundation for excellence in healthcare marketing.

With a significant insurance overhaul of the healthcare sector during the past two years, it is perhaps the most exciting and important time for healthcare marketing in history. Understanding your brand's key target audience must go beyond what you'd expect to be the ideal healthcare marketing strategy. Having an experienced, outside eye is critical to brand vitality. Solutions to understanding key target markets often goes beyond market research and includes everything from conversion tracking and sales team analytics to brand remodels and target audience insights.

We offer a full-range of marketing services including complete internet marketing, public relations, broadcast advertising, print and online advertising, including SEO and web development. With a customized approach to each healthcare marketing strategy, we can help your brand reach the forefront of your business and sales goals.