Your Quick Start Guide to Content Rejuvenation

Your Quick Start Guide to Content Rejuvenation

Your Quick Start Guide to Content Rejuvenation

It’s been said that everything old is new again. That’s certainly true in the world of digital marketing. Thanks to the art of repurposing content, what you create today can pay generous dividends tomorrow. Instead of growing stale with time, those beautiful videos, blogs, and social posts will be freshly rejuvenated. From all appearances, they reach the public as brand-new creations.

Repurposing content is simply a matter of transforming material from one format into another. Digital marketers have many options in this regard. One of the most popular transformational acts is changing a blog into an instructional guide. Maybe a how-to presentation. For this, you distill the essential message from the chosen blog, organize the message into a step by step instructional sequence, and bingo – you’ve got a guide. Distribute it where you will.

By the way, basic cutting and pasting is strictly forbidden. The goal here is to rejuvenate not duplicate. This requires a certain amount of creative insight. But then, you’re loaded with that.

Transformative magic also takes place when digital marketers use the same blog (or a different one) and convert its messaging into a podcast. Always a great way to go, as podcasts currently are one of the most popular marketing mediums on the planet. Not only do these presentations capture audience interest, they establish you as an expert in the field. A wonderful feather in the cap, not matter what you’re selling.

Bear in mind, a blog-to-podcast conversion builds on the original; it doesn’t duplicate it. So, don’t just recite the blog as if it were a public announcement. The original material will require adequate reshaping and amplifying with new facts, juicy details, and rich embellishments.

Interestingly, repurposing also give digital marketers a rare opportunity to transform raw information into pictorial splendor. One great way of doing this is to convert marketing data into an infographic. Your assembled facts, thereby, become a concise image easily and quickly comprehended by the viewing public.

Clearly, there’s no reason to let your fine marketing creations gather dust. When content has been sitting too long, digital marketers can give those golden nuggets a brand new sheen through the proven process of repurposing. And best of all, they can do it for a song … or two.

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