Get More Mileage from Your Marketing Videos

Get More Mileage from Your Marketing Videos

Get More Mileage from Your Marketing Videos

If you’re like most online brands, you understand the value of marketing videos. Chances are, you’ve even posted some. A wise decision, indeed. In the last five years or so, online video consumption has nearly doubled. Equally noteworthy, the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

But that’s just the viewing data. What about results? Equally impressive. According to current stats, almost 90% of marketers get a favorable ROI from marketing videos. That trend, too, probably won’t reverse any time soon. Which means video marketing can and probably will have a major influence your advertising campaign performance.

Whether you’re a video newcomer or a seasoned veteran, it behooves you to get the most mileage from your efforts. By implementing the following strategies, you’ll be off to a great start.

First, identify your primary objective, then design your video(s) accordingly. Is raising brand awareness the goal? Your creations should highlight the wonders of your company. Want to showcase the features and advantages of a product or service? Then your videos should focus on that topic. Explainer and demo vids work great for this objective. Perhaps you must persuade the undecided to take action? Testimonial and case study presentations are ideal for this purpose.

After identifying your objectives, you’ll next want to identify your target audience. Demographic information, of course, is mandatory here. But don’t stop with this batch of data. Brands often benefit further by converting that information into a fictitious person generally known as the ‘buying persona’ – a model of your typical customer. This gives concrete reality to abstract data, allowing brand marketers to communicate directly with an ‘actual’ imaginary person.

Finally, brand marketers should consider the channel involved. For instance, if you’re presenting an explainer, leave it off your homepage. This spot is designed for quick info retrieval not extended productions. Long format venues such as YouTube are much more suitable for explainers and the like. Your homepage, on the other hand, is perfect for short, crisp testimonial presentations.

Naturally, these strategies are only a handful of the possible performance boosters capable of benefiting a wide variety of marketing videos. Not the complete list, but definitely a really good place to start. Now all you have to do is … start.

If you have questions or comments about improving the performance of marketing videos, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.

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