Two Browsers are Better Than One

Two Browsers are Better Than One

Two Browsers are Better Than One

As digital marketers soon discover, no website is perfect. No matter how well designed, any page can baffle users. Invariably, stymied users are left asking the same question – uh, what do I do next? They know what they want, of course. They just don’t know how to find it.

But the navigation is breeze, you say. Buttons, icons, menus – what more could a user want? A helping hand. And one of the best hands is the co-browsing option.

Co-browsing is screen sharing with a twist. Here’s how it works. The baffled visitor uses an app to upload a help request to the website. The request gives automatic browser access to a real time customer rep. Now on the ‘inside’, the assistant can navigate on behalf of the visitor, thereby facilitating quick access to desired content. Scrolling, icon-clicking, highlighting … you name it. All done remotely by a dedicated rep. Visitors needn’t lift a finger. They just need to sit back and watch.

Not that users aren’t involved. A co-browser session provides complete, unhampered interaction and communication between user and representative. In essence, both are in the same place. The result? Brand image soars. After all, what’s better for customer relationships than reps who show up in person (sort of) and do all the work? And you thought chatbots were cutting edge.

Co-browsing also offers the advantage of ‘wrong turn’ prevention. With a rep leading the way, there’s virtually no chance of winding up in an unintended location. Should this happen, don’t leave a tip.

And let’s not forget co-browsing is education at its finest. Once users experience the steps and shortcuts, it’s a snap to do it on their own during the next visit. Unless they just weren’t paying attention.

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