Every Web Page Needs a Yellow Brick Road

Every Web Page Needs a Yellow Brick Road

Every Web Page Needs a Yellow Brick Road

Why do so many website visitors flee? Is it ghastly design? Maybe. Or mangled messaging? Another big maybe. But in all probability, the bolting is prompted by helpless confusion. You know – that feeling of not knowing where to go next. You might as well show users an exit sign.

What can digital marketers do? Build a Yellow Brick Road. You know, a simple path to every website destination. The ultimate in user-friendly navigation.

User-friendly navigation relies on three golden rules. Miss one, and you’ll be fueling user frustration. And we all know where that leads.

Golden Rule 1 applies throughout the digital marketing universe. It is – make it easy to understand. Obscure wording, incomprehensible images, and vague abbreviations invariably stymie visitors. So do complex design elements. This muddiness creates a stuck-in-a-maze feeling. The solution? Strive for simplicity and clarity in all navigational and design elements.

Consistency is the focal point of Golden Rule 2. Incorporate an identical design scheme throughout a website, with menus, sidebars, logos, etc. all identically located on each page. This consistency minimizes confusion and simplifies the search process, allowing users to easily get to wherever they want to go.

Golden Rule 3 stresses the importance user options. To win the hearts of users, offer them several ways to access info. You’re going this extra mile because some people like links. Others relish menus. And so forth.

So there you have it. Three golden rules of website navigation to help facilitate a breezy journey through your website. Implement these principles, and you can expect long visits. Because, after all, who ever wandered away from a Yellow Brick Road?

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