Why It’s Not Good Enough to Know Your Stuff | Young Company

Why It’s Not Good Enough to Know Your Stuff

Why It’s Not Good Enough to Know Your Stuff | Young Company

For any expert in any field, ‘knowing your stuff’ is essential. This requirement certainly applies to video marketers. If you’re playing to win, deep knowledge is imperative. Without it, you’re a dabbler.

Dabbler or not, knowing your stuff is only half the battle. The other half is knowing your audience. We’re talking profound understanding of the shopper mindset. What makes them tick? Which do they crave? How do you trigger a response? The answers will shape your strategy.

Where should you start on the road to enlightenment? Launch the process by determining audience time limitations. How long will they sit through one of your productions? Anything is possible. Some people withstand marathon sessions; others strain to last a minute. You must pinpoint the tolerance level of your audience. Generally, the busier the viewer, the antsier they’ll be. Plan your running times accordingly.

As with time preferences, content preferences run the gamut. Know where your audience stands. Don’t guess – research. Sure, it’s not as fun as guessing. But you need facts and information. Research will get them for you.

And don’t forget another prime info source – yourself. That’s right. You could be a gold mine of info. All that’s needed is an audience who identifies with you and your values. Doesn’t matter what those are. If this vital link exists, the rest is simple. Just pour a ‘little bit of you’ into the video. Audiences will cheer.

Remember, in a sense, you have two target audiences – current customers and prospects. Often, marketers pursue only the latter, ignoring those who’ve already shed some cash. Big mistake. These shoppers, assuming they’re satisfied ones, have a habit of making repeat purchases and becoming that most cherished of assets – the loyal customer. It makes sense, then, to create videos with both camps in mind. Doing otherwise will limit your success.

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