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How To Win The Great Chase

How to Win the Great Chase| Young Company

The nerve of website shoppers! With so many buying options at their disposal, they’ve become finicky and demanding. So, they take their sweet time, buying only when good and ready. Digital marketers can wait and hope. Or they can chase these shoppers around the web in a practice known as ‘remarketing’. The ultimate hot pursuit, remarketing gives brands a second, third, and even fourth chance to connect with prospects and spur conversions.

Success-oriented individuals can choose from three basic remarketing strategies -- one designated for each of the three shopper types. The first of these types is “the bouncer’. Aptly named, the bouncer generally ditches a website within seconds of arrival. Maybe it’s a mistaken destination. Or a disappointing one. No matter what the reason, the person dashed, showing zero interest in the brand.

Remarketing to this group will go nowhere; these visitors simply aren’t interested. The best strategy – leave them alone.

The second visitor category may be called ‘lookers’. Offering an encouraging sign to digital marketers, lookers generally explore multiple pages over the span of a few minutes. Likely, something has piqued their interest, but they’re not quite ready to commit. What works best with this group? Provide news and updates about any other choices related to their interest.

The final group can be called ‘ditchers’. These are the people who load their baskets and enter the checkout area. So far, so good. But then, for some strange reason, they flee before paying, leaving behind the accumulated merchandise.

Ditchers are the premium group, prime for retargeting. But didn’t they flee? Yes, but they also filled their baskets, a sure sign of buyer interest. That interest can be re-ignited. Retargeting efforts should be maximized for the ditcher group, who just need a nudge (or series of nudges) in the right direction.

But don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Lookers, the second group, should be given some attention. Remember, you can win them over with the right messaging and incentives.

As for remarketing to the third ‘don’t wanna be here group’ – well, you’re climbing a steep mountain with the wind howling. It’s best to leave them alone. Unless, of course, you’re overstocked with cash, resources, and time.

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