The Real Measurement of Success


Once a social media campaign leaves the launchpad, brand marketers are dutybound to answer a critical question – how’d we do? Identifying the number of user connections won’t tell the entire story. Not by a long way. Neither will click quantity. Nope, the only true and accurate success gauge is that persuasive number known as return on investment (ROI). For this measurement, brand marketers have a handy set of metrics known as key performance indicators (KPIS).

Marketers can choose from an assortment of noteworthy KPIS. Among the most important of these is reach. As the name suggests, reach identifies the number of unique users who took a peek at a specific social media post or affiliated content. Ultimately, the measurement reveals your brand’s attention-getting prowess and corresponding level of user interest. But remember, it’s just a starting point.

The plot thickens as you delve into the performance indicator known as engagement. Analyzing this metric, marketers will discover if users consider your social media post worthy of interaction. Likes, shares, comments, and other responses reveal their willingness to engage with your brand. If these are pouring in, you could be well on your way to robust ROI. But you’re not there yet.

Brands now must narrow down the possibilities. Which content is driving the most engagement? The indicator known as preferred content will uncover this mystery. Identifying these sweet spots and delivering more of the same invites continued and likely increased engagement. Therefore, follow the golden rule -- give users what they want. Abundant rewards could be in your future.

As icing on the cake, brand marketers must look to web traffic generated by social media. This performance indicator demonstrates the power of your post to deliver website traffic galore. Dazzled by your post, these people race to your website to get more of a good thing – and invest valuable time in the process. In today’s time crunched world, that’s the ultimate accomplishment for any brand.

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