The Search Engines are Listening


Just when you think your brand’s website has been invincibly optimized for SEO results, along comes a powerful new method for conducting searches. It’s called voice search. As the term implies, the method enables users to input search queries by voice command, eliminating any need for the traditional tapping on screen or keyboard.

Here’s the rudimentary process of voice search: User asks a search question aloud (politely, of course). Afterwards, a digital assistant transcribes the query into text, then searches cyberspace for appropriate data. Simple, neat, and effective.

What does all this mean for digital marketers? A great deal. Voice searches are becoming increasingly prevalent, meaning websites must conform to the new preferences. As with mobile optimization, voice search optimization is a phenomenon that readily should be embraced if a brand is to remain relevant. Imagine a website woefully incompatible with mobile technology. Traffic would plummet. Someday soon, the same will hold true for voice-incompatible sites. Clearly, optimization is the best course of action.

One of the best optimization steps a brand can take is stockpiling an assortment of long-tail keywords and phrases. Here’s why. When conducting voice searches, people typically ask detailed questions, with 29 words being the current average for each query. For instance, “hey, Siri, how can I change a tire while operating my Game Boy?” Having an assortment of ready phrases matching probable queries greatly enhances searchability. Essentially, you’ll instantly match what users are looking for. Think conversation – because, in a sense, that’s what you’ll be having. The two and three word approach simply won’t cut it when people are getting talkative.

Another advantage of long-tail search terms is the clear field ahead of them. Since these terms are personal and unique, they generally face a much lower volume of competition from other keywords. A higher ranking is the is the inevitable result.

Voice search optimization is particularly important for local searches. The stats say it all – three times as many voice searches are conducted for local connections than they are for general. A difficult fact to ignore.

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