More Mileage from Your Masterpiece


Virtually every brand marketer knows the value of compelling digital videos. But not every production makes its mark. Some falter, while others fizzle. What, then, determines success?

First, remember that your production’s impact doesn’t hinge entirely on the featured content. Before marketers and brands can cash in, they must persuade users to play it. There are several routes to this goal.

A good starting point is the thumbnail, that compact image representing your masterpiece. If you think any image will do, you’re in for a rude awakening. Not all thumbnails have the same impact. In fact, mood is a major factor. The most successful images generate feelings of happiness, particularly when the happiness is communicated by another human being. Thus, the big winners are thumbnails featuring cheery people looking in the general direction of the user. It’s a natural connection. People relate most readily to other folks – particularly when the person is smiling from ear to ear. Upshot: Your video will be played far more frequently when promoted by an uplifting thumbnail.

Marketers also should bear in mind that a one-person view doesn’t exactly spell success. It will be necessary to expand the exposure and capture the widest possible audience. One of the best ways to do this is by including a thumbnail in your player -- and when possible directly in the video.

Finally, marketers will get a lot of mileage by embedding videos within select email messages. Not only does this embellishment enhance the reader experience, it encourages email openings. That’s right. Simply putting the word ‘Video’ in the email subject line boosts the open rate by a significant amount. So, don’t hold back. Pack in a video, and watch your open rate soar.

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