Search Engine Marketing; Separating Fact from Fiction | Young Company

Search Engine Marketing; Separating Fact from Fiction

Search Engine Marketing; Separating Fact from Fiction | Young Company

As online searches proliferate, digital marketers must keep pace. Answering their need is a barrage of helpful information, both online and off. But all is not rosy. Cutting through the intel is a river of rumors, inaccuracies, myths, and speculations. Separating the wheat from the chaff becomes a monumental -- and worse -- time-consuming chore for the average marketer. To simplify matters, here’s a sampling of current facts covering the search engine field. Know and respect these established truths, as they can help you forge a path to success.

First off, SEO marketers should know what’s going on around them. How much competition is simmering during the average search session? How many searches occur during a given time frame?

The guesswork abounds. Many surmise that thousands of ardent searches unfold every minute. That conjecture, however, misses the mark by a mile. Truth be told, Google performs about 67,000 finely-honed searches every single second. That pace, not surprisingly, is destined to surge yearly. 
Naturally, speedy search engines expect prompt responses. Seems reasonable. Therefore, quick loading web pages are imperative. There’s no compromising on this golden rule. Search engines are impatient and picky. Keep up, or they’ll keep away.

Given the blazing speed of search engines, certain marketers expect equal swiftness when it comes to algorithm updates. Some suspect Google updates these daily – even hourly. Sorry to disappoint the believers; you’ve been misled. In reality, Google makes algorithm adjustments only a couple of times a year – and that’s enough. Marketers, therefore, have plenty of time to adapt.

On the matter of mobile searches, SEO marketers have a full spectrum of other considerations to ponder. One of these is the question of location. How much does a user’s geographical position impact search results? A great deal, apparently. Current stats reveal that approximately one third of searches are somehow connected to the user’s physical whereabouts. Basically, if you want them to find you, it helps to find them. 

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