How Personal Should Your Brand Get?

How Personal Should Your Brand Get?

Most brand marketers agree that personalization facilitates strong customer connections and lays the groundwork for conversions down the road. But personalization covers a spectrum of levels, from ‘Hey there, Mr. or Ms. So and So’ to ‘I know your innermost desires’. Each level offers immense possibilities for striking gold, depending on the particular goal and available marketing budget. To get an idea of the options, here’s a brief overview of the personalization spectrum:

Skimming the Surface – This requires little more than knowing a prospect’s name and address. True, this limited info isn’t exactly an open gateway to the depths of his or her personality. Nevertheless, it usually outperforms things like ‘Hello Computer User’ when it comes to generating interest and avoiding trash can deposits. Being the easiest data to acquire, it’s also is the least expensive.

Mid-Range – Utilizes demographic data to target messaging to specific groups. Prospects may be divided by occupation, age, geographic area, etc. or any combination thereof. Mid-range personalization generally gets favorable response rates for a medium price. When it comes to value, this is the one to go with.

Going Deep. Known as dynamic content, this information puts you front and center in the theater of a prospect’s mind. An example of content that falls into this category is any news item related to the prospect’s business, or any other tightly focused information. Not surprisingly, this level generates the strongest engagement. But it also carries the highest price tag to cover extensive planning and implementation.

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