eCommerce Marketing – How to Put a Stop to Fill and Flee

Fill a shopping cart, leave it in the aisle, and flee the market without explanation… just for laughs. Won’t see much of this sport in the local Ralphs. ECommerce retailers, however, are getting more than their fair share. For reasons unknown, certain shoppers load their carts – then ditch the cargo without a word. No excuses. No apologies. And worst of all, no sale. The phenomenon, known by the technical term ‘cart abandonment, is a frustrating thorn in the side of digital retailers everywhere.

Is there an answer? Can digital brands mitigate the fill and flee menace? While no method offers an iron clad guarantee, certain solutions are showing remarkable effectiveness. One of these is the freebie. According to research conducted by Forrester, the prospect of shelling out coinage for shipping purposes causes a hefty 44% of shoppers to ditch their carts. Obvious Deduction: Digital brands can boost their odds by offering free shipping.

Hassle minimization also helps promote cart retention. Brands can start by eliminating pre-purchase account creation for new customers. Instead, allow newcomers to purchase with the freedom of soaring eagle. Once the cash jumps from their pockets to yours, up pops the ez account setup screen. “Oh, by the way, you’ll need to provide some information. So that we can serve you better.” Since you sweetened the deal with free shipping, objections will be few and far between.

Finally, eCommerce retailers can profit by enabling cart saving. Why is this important? Because in the age of easy access, comparison shopping is a common occurrence. Bargain hunters often fly through a succession of retail sites, leaving a trail of open pages. Once they slog back to your site, a fully intact cart is crucial. Few shoppers will remember every bit of cart cargo – and even fewer will be game to re-load.

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