Social Media Marketing: Taking Center Stage with Facebook Videos

These days, theater attendance is a tad on the low side. But the at home audience is swelling – along with their appetite for content. A golden opportunity for brand markers – if they can get their message noticed. Sift through the prominent attention getters, and you’ll discover one sure bet – video. As performance data repeatedly demonstrates, video content is magnetic. Once the audience locks in, no other medium is better at raising brand awareness and boosting brand retention.   

Not surprisingly, Facebook is one of the world’s go-to resources in the world of video ads. With its acclaimed global penetration and solid appeal, the social media mainstay guarantees a ‘packed house’ for savvy video advertisers.

Facebook video ads are multi-functional. They can facilitate conversions, guide the curious through the sales funnel, and much, much more. Whatever your campaign calls for.

But don’t unleash the campaign before preparations take place. Marketers first must hone in on viewer preferences – and how they might shape decisions.  This calls for thorough research and meticulous targeting of the intended audience.  

Despite the inevitable variation in group preferences, all viewers agree on one factor — running time. As research indicates, the shorter the video, the greater the percentage watched. Case in point — about 80% of a video will be watched when it clocks in at 30 seconds or less.  In contrast, when duration exceeds an hour, the average portion watched is about 26%. This relational pattern holds through the entire range of running times. Clearly, less is more in the realm of video ads. Bear in mind, this brevity preference isn’t limited to Facebook video ads. No matter what the platform, the running time imperative rules.

Once published, a Facebook video ad creates an educational opportunity. Seize it. In doing so, you’ll learn first-hand answers to many important questions. With the simple use of tracking mechanisms and key metrics, you’ll ascertain: How many viewers did I grab? How many clicked the intended ad? How many flew to our website after the vid? And more. All high-value info for those en route to success 

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