Brand Marketing – Rise of the Action-Packed Logo

According to the latest State of Marketing Report from Hubspot, more than half of all people who follow a brand want this. No, it’s not more freebies and endless discounts. It’s more video content. Hubspot’s research reveals that a robust 54% of respondents crave more of their information delivered via moving image.

But why limit the action to conventional narratives? Motion can capture the fancy virtually anywhere it occurs. Consider, for instance, the brand logo. Long considered a static, albeit alluringly designed symbol, the contemporary logo is incorporating animation to enhance its visual impact. The frozen image is yesterday’s news.

Animated logos offer three primary advantages. The first is their tractor beam pull. No question about it … the video-embellished logo is a vigorous attention-getter. People the world over are drawn to movement. Animation, with its unique pizzazz, can make that movement irresistible when merged with snappy logo design.

A second advantage of the animated logo is its ability to boost brand awareness. Generally, motion-infused imagery locks itself in the memory with greater force than static graphics. Not only that – it makes a lasting impression almost immediately. Conventional motion-free images typically require multiple viewings before a long-term impression is made – if it’s made at all. Clearly, top-of-mind is the more likely outcome when animation drives the imagery.

Finally, the animated logo is a better emotion trigger than the conventional alternative. Whether the intended emotion is excitement, awe, curiosity, or any of the other popular responses, the moving logo can help unleash it in a big way.

Which brands already are on board with the animated logo? Amazon, Google, Intel, and Uber are among the world-recognized names that have gone that route. Expect many more converts in the future.
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