Ecommerce Marketing – Don’t Reopen Without This


For businesses engaged in the reopening process, reconnecting with customers is a major concern. Challenges galore lie ahead. But at least these merchants can count on a helping hand from the world’s largest social media network. That network, in case you haven’t guessed, is Facebook. And last year, the service introduced a wonderfully business-friendly feature called ‘Facebook Shops’.

Shops give brands and businesses the power to create their own online store, quickly and simply. If you’re a small, local merchant new to ecommerce marketing, it’s an easy entry to digital retailing.

The store is right where it should be – on the merchant’s Facebook or Instagram pages. Users connect via popular apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct. These apps create a seamless communications channel, allowing brands and businesses to offer support, provide information, or answer customer questions as needed.

How fast can a store be built? In most cases, a whole lot quicker than Rome. And a whole lot cheaper. In fact, it’s free. Encouraging news to any business new to ecommerce marketing. Rest assured, a grueling startup process won’t be in your future.

The benefits of Facebook Shops are many, especially if you’re a small business facing the dreaded reopening challenge. For instance, with Shops, retailers can ‘tag’ select products. These tagged goods become visible on their Facebook posts, providing widespread exposure in the blink of an eye.

Is customer engagement a prime objective? No problem. Shops provide ample opportunity for stimulating social interaction. Here’s how. Whenever a product catches a user’s fancy, the dazzled individual can ‘like’ the merchandise. To expand on their favorable reactions, the loyal likers may offer opinions, leave comments, or ask a penetrating question or two. Pretty soon you have what amounts to a full conversation about your merchandise – or whatever else you care to jabber about. And let’s not forget, those who like often share their views with members of their social circles. Yes, the word will circulate with blistering speed.

Shops also provide the easy, comfortable experience we all cherish. Utilizing the tool, users can browse a store while chatting with friends, stuff their carts with merchandise, or make a purchase — all in the same window. No senseless skipping through endless pages. All in all, a great way to do business – and one that no doubt will ease the burden of re-opening the doors.

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