Digital Marketing – 5G Readiness or Oblivion: The Choice is Yours


Brace yourselves, brand marketers. 5G is on the way. And it will be a big game changer. If you’re snoozing during the transformation, you’ll be playing catch up en route to oblivion. Far better to open your eyes and peer into the future. Here’s what 5G will show you.

A new and improved internet. “But it’s the big show now,” you say. “How could it get any more dazzling?”

Simple. 5G’s faster connections promise a revved up online experience. Result? A greater appetite for digital content – and greater consumption of same. Word to the wise: plan your content overhaul now. It will have to match 5G capacity soon. Content that doesn’t will be an artifact.

Expect greater interactivity with 5G content – an interest-booster if ever there was one. Who could resist jumping online to test drive the shiny new automobile of their dreams? OK, that won’t happen. You’ll still trudge to the dealership for that experience. You will, however, get a chance to sample digital-based products, such as a video game or online service. Try before you buy will have whole new meaning.

While consumers are busy interacting, they’ll do so in a more convincing environment. Delivering more data per nanosecond, 5G enhances the realism of media such as virtual reality. More detail, more depth, more pizzazz.

Users, however, won’t be the only 5G winners. Brand marketers will marvel at the improvements in many of their favorite activities – data collection, for instance. What formerly took days – or more – to gather, store, and organize will zip through the processing channel in a fraction of the time. 5G will compress the duration into minutes -- or less. Let’s see Wi Fi do that.

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