SEO Marketing – Protect Your Business from the Invisibility Ray


Whether your business is small, large, or somewhere smack in the middle, geography is critical when it comes to generating online traffic. Ignore this geo imperative, and you’ll be zapping your beloved biz with an invisibility ray. In the rapidly evolving marketplace, shoppers simply won’t know you’re there. Here’s why:

During searches, whether for product or service, the contemporary consumer often seeks a local solution. Time crunched people simply want it quick and easy. Local searches satisfy this urge for immediacy. You’re there, you’re close, you won’t take long to reach. And that’s all that matters. If you’re not on the local radar, you remain unknown. To thrust yourself into the local limelight, smart SEO is required.

Smart SEO utilizes many tactics. Consider, for instance, the popularity of the ‘near me now’ phrase frequently incorporated into search queries. Between May 2017 and May 2019, the use of this phrase jumped by 150%.

Clearly, the need for instant gratification is on the rise. Based on this trajectory, the 2020 numbers should reflect a continuation of this trend. Therefore, the ‘near me now’ phrase should be integral to all local search strategies.

But here’s something even more eye-opening. The above percentage climbs higher – to 200% — when the word ‘open’ is dropped into the search query. As in ‘bongo dealers open near me now.’ Any local business excluding such phrases from their SEO strategies is committing itself to oblivion. Not a good place to be.

Should you be among the three or four marketers hanging their hopes on the Yellow Pages, consider the following. A hefty 86% of shoppers perform online searches for local businesses. Of this slice of the pie, 29% conduct at least one such search each week. Indeed, they’re looking for you. Will you be there when they search?

Despite the encouraging stats, local business owners often worry about online competition. Understandable, considering the soaring popularity of ecommerce retailers. Nevertheless, you’re in better shape than imagined. Here’s some proof:

When ‘near me’ is used in a search, 50% of the queries lead to in-store visits. Also, good news is the overwhelmingly favorable result of local mobile searches. 78% of those become in-store purchases. Apparently, local businesses still have it pretty good … once they’re found.

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