Digital Marketing: Awaken Your Landing Page with these Performance Boosters

Digital Marketing: Awaken Your Landing Page with these Performance Boosters

In digital marketing, the landing page is arguably the highest-value page in your website. Ideally, it’s the most targeted page in the bunch. The place that thrusts web traffic to key points of interest, like product pages or offers, exactly where brand marketers want them to go. Consequently, the landing page now ranks among the world’s premier lead-generators.

With so much riding on the landing page, stellar performance is a must. Through trial and error, savvy brand marketers have discovered many reliable performance boosters. When skillfully implemented, they have generated consistently impressive results.

One standout performance booster is the headline or tagline. Whether the landing page goal is acquiring information or spurring a transaction, visitors must know exactly what you’re about. The tagline does this with streamlined precision.

On the opposite end of landing page real estate is the universally-acclaimed ‘call to action’. The CTA is the final shot — a force that drives visitors to take the desired step. But it’s not a standalone tool. The CTA must align with and reinforce the tagline, each a messaging mirror of the other. Any misalignment creates a jarring disconnect between message and user.

Removing distractions also boosts landing page performance. Among distractions, the navigation bar is king. While the bar facilitates standard web page success, it muddies mercilessly any landing page it occupies. Its damage potential is enormous, with a built-in capacity to deflect visitors away from the landing page in microseconds.

Navigation bar removal is a worthwhile and necessary preventative measure. Straying users seldom return – and therefore seldom do what is hoped. Don’t give them an open invitation to exit. Nix the navigation bar.

Finally, the ‘more is merrier’ concept fizzles miserably on the landing page. Therefore, the wise brand marketer will take every possible step to de-clutter the landscape. Overstuffed landing pages confuse and frustrate. Choose the simple interface. This wisdom applies to image count as well as text. One image is gold; more is mush.

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