Digital Marketing: Create a Core Curriculum for Curious Customers

Digital Marketing: Create a Core Curriculum for Curious Customers

Do people fly to your website yearning to learn everything possible about your brand? Cherish their thirst for knowledge. The eager visitors are flashing a major signal – inviting you to seize a golden opportunity. You now have an open door to their minds – and a chance to convert the curious into fiercely loyal customers. Your mission is obvious – educate them. And make it personal. The more they know about the ‘true you’, the better the bond you’ll build.

Educating the curious requires the development of a core curriculum. Nothing is set in stone on this matter. What you dispense is a personal choice.

Digital marketers are using many educational tools to facilitate the learning process. By and large, these resources are hitting the mark. In the interest of marketing science, here are some of the possibilities currently in circulation:

Create an online course covering your brand and products. This endeavor, of course, requires planning and insight. But the effort likely will be handsomely rewarded. Your course will be considered a high-value offering, something that greatly improves the eager student’s life. And said eager student may be inclined to reciprocate with unwavering brand loyalty.

Naturally, the chosen course offering should be relevant to your brand. For instance, if you sell fishing tackle, an appropriate educational program might be: ‘Outsmarting the North American Brook Trout’. They’ll flock to that one.

The e-book is another winner on the educational circuit. Naturally, you won’t be charging for the literary output. Swelling profits come later when the enlightened and grateful reader transforms into an adoring fan.

As with your digital course offering, the e-book should be brand-relevant and customer-focused. It’s all about providing something of great personal value.

Finally, there’s the quiz. That’s right. Many online visitors willingly embrace the challenge of test questions covering a specified aspect of a brand. Not only does a quiz educate; it stimulates interaction between reader and brand. Not a bad way to generate unfailing loyalty.

And don’t fret about completion rates. BuzzFeed reports that 96% of its users complete a quiz once they start it. No surprising. Who doesn’t want to flaunt their smarts?

If you have questions or comments about educating prospective customers, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.