Digital Marketing: Microsites Never Miss

Digital Marketing: Microsites Never Miss

Endless pages … Endless products. That pretty much sums up the typical overcrowded e-commerce site. Essentially, visitors arrive, plow through a forest, and if they’re lucky, find what they’re looking for. Some willingly carry out the hunt. Others prefer instant results. Many others. For them, the microsite was created.

The microsite is not a clone nor a compact version of the original. Instead, it’s a chip off the old block; a small section highlighting a product, service, offer, or another brand component. It’s part of the whole, yet stands on its own – a clear, clean path to a specific objective.

The microsite meshes with many brand types. Take, for instance, a clothing retailer. The typical clothing website offers garments galore. A certain clothing line, however, might be aimed at a narrow demographic. Why stall them with selection when they want only one thing? The product-specific microsite is just for ‘them’ – whoever ‘them’ happens to be. Quick, simple, and direct. Who could refuse?

The demographic advantages of the microsite are obvious. Specific products matched to specific shopper segments.  Not only does the careful matching hit home with targeted shoppers. It encourages them to spread the news via social media and other channels. Your offering is right up their alley. Sharing the good news is the next logical step.

Microsites also encourage a healthy dose of innovation. Brands are free to try what they wouldn’t dream of doing to their primary site. Far too risky. Tamper with the original’s look and feel, and shopper resentment could soar.

Not so on the microsite. A targeted demographic might prefer the fresh approach. Something unique. Experimentation, therefore, could lead to gold. And if it fizzles, no problem. The tried and true original site has not been altered. All elements are still intact and working hard to please their core shoppers.

When it comes to microsites, proper keywording is indispensable. This means unique, specific, and separate from those promoting the main site. The same holds true for content. For the micro, it’s exclusive text, images, audio, and video — only. Brands are now operating in a unique space with its own parameters. The original is miles away.

If you have questions or comments about microsites, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.