Changing Tides – November

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November 2014 | Integrated Marketing is more than a consistent look.


In October I had the honor of meeting Bob Lauterborn (the father of integrated marketing communications) and he reinforced why mass advertising no longer works and the importance of a well-engineered IMC program. At the center of IMC is the customer, not the media. By focusing on what the customer cares about and how they want to be reached, today’s marketer has the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its marketing efforts like never before.


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New Client Spotlight:



AutoAlert® is the most advanced lead generation and equity mining solution for the auto dealer industry available on the market today. Identifying untapped revenue and sales opportunities, AutoAlert enables over 1800 dealers to know which clients are ready to trade out of their existing vehicle for a new equivalent vehicle, eligible for factory incentives and ready for service. Young Company will be helping AutoAlert with brand development, and to prepare for the NADA Show in San Francisco this January.

Introducing Our Newest Intern:

Vanessa Faulkner

Vanessa has been an intern at Young Company since August and is completing her degree at Cal State Fullerton in Advertising and Marketing. Vanessa has made significant contributions to the company by assisting with photo shoots, creating graphics and managing social media. Inspired by her photography class, Vanessa has recently found a new passion in photography. Her natural talent at photo composition has made her an integral part of the Young Company team.

Which Way Are The Internet Winds Blowing?

Just when brand marketers think they have the internet figured out, here comes a blizzard of new trends. So adjustment is made. Adaptation takes place. But the second marketers get settled in and comfortable with the new realities, the next batch of trends howls in. It’s a never ending cycle.

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Does Your Brand Say ‘Trust Me’

Consumers generally won’t spend their hard-earned money on a brand unless the product says loud and clear, “you can trust me.” For consumers, gaining trust boils down to three essentials:

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Push The Buzz Button Without Social Media

Before the onslaught … before the proliferation of social sites … conversations were limited to direct interactions between people. Often the chatter took place in live situations, with telephonic communications capturing the remainder.

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