Tie the Knot with Customers


It’s one thing to bring customers to your doorstep. It’s quite another to tie the knot with them. Not surprisingly, customer retention is more than a process of offering products that score high on the wow meter. Along with springing onto the scene with a dazzling product, brand marketers must forge strong relationships with those who plunk down the big bucks to snap up their merchandise. Then they must keep them on board as the months, years, and decades roll on. So how do brand marketers engineer marketing efforts to promote long, happy relationships with customers? Here are two considerations:


Thanks to an ever-expanding body of powerful tools, brand marketers can tap into a gold mine of customer data. The most prized information, of course, is that which spotlights consumer behavior. No question about it. Success today often rests on a marketer’s ability to collect, decipher, and capitalize on customer data that eventually can be translated into workable marketing strategies.

Brand marketers, of course, simply can’t jump into the data mine and hope to emerge with nuggets. They must first identify the nature of the customer relationship to be sought, then match goals to particular types of data.

Ears Wide Open

As with other types of relationships, those with customers thrive with understanding. Knowing what makes your target consumers tick is crucial to generating their long-term interest in and affection for your product or service. Technology, of course, promotes understanding when geared precisely to your target audience. What works for one group could be poison for another. So research the possibilities and choose carefully. Equally important are the personnel chosen to interact with your customer base. Those who can empathize with consumer viewpoints obviously will create the keenest long-term interest for your brand.

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