Changing Tides – May 2014

Changing Tides - May 2014

Ideas for Building Brands and Growing Companies

Marketing research is still at the heart of the marketing concept. And most cost effective than ever.

About 100 years ago, a very famous advertising copywriter by the name of Claude Hopkins invented the concept of marketing at the Lord & Thomas agency in Chicago. He thought that he could write better ads if he asked people what they wanted. The idea was a home run and the marketing concept was adopted by agencies and clients everywhere. Companies spent millions on market research to improve products and communications.

Since the growth of the Internet, new online research tools have cut the time and cost of research by 50 – 90%. It is truly incredible how much can be learned from market research. At Young Company, the majority of our clients have us conduct research at the beginning of our engagement. Without fail, clients are surprised by what they discover when they go through a formal research process rather that operating on gut instincts and anecdotes. It is simply amazing what you can learn when you are willing to ask.

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: Mission Roller Hockey

Mission Roller Hockey

Mission Roller Hockey makes the most advanced inline hockey equipment in the world. Founded in 1995, Mission Roller Hockey designs and manufactures innovative skates, gloves, pants, and other gear focused specifically for roller hockey players. Mission’s focus on innovation, combined with an unparalleled commitment to sponsoring players, teams, and tournaments, drives the Mission brand.

Young Company is eager to grow our knowledge of this unique sport and to experience the fast pace industry of this worldwide sporting equipment brand. The Young team will be working as the full-range marketing agency assisting Mission with their website, catalogue, POP materials, social media management, event booths, online and print advertisements. Young Co is looking forward to working with this amazing company and helping them grow the inline hockey community around the globe.