Mobile Local Advertising Triggers a Spending Frenzy

Mobile Local Advertising Triggers a Spending Frenzy

Anybody inhabiting planet earth knows about the soaring popularity of mobile devices.  Brand marketers certainly are clued in. And they’re doing something about it.

In 2013, revenues from mobile local advertising swelled to $2.9 billion. Projections for this year are putting that number at $4.5 billion. Looking down the road, revenues are expected to triple in the next three years.

Why the spending frenzy? Basically, the appeal of mobile local advertising boils down to four irresistible factors: superior performance, better ROI, measurable conversions, and reduced time in the sales funnel. What’s brought all this about is an unusual harmony of two opposing forces – what brand marketers want and what customers want.

Helping to steer these two forces into a harmonious synergy are various tactics employed by mobile marketers. Among these are:

Geo Fencing – This feature defines specific geographic boundaries important to brand marketers. When customers cross the boundary, an automatic message pings their mobile devices. As in – you’ve wandered into the geo-space of a burger joint, and ping – you get a text coupon good for a free drink when you grab one of their juicy double-deckers. Works better than the aroma of a sizzling all-beef patty.

Click-to-call – click, call … hello. Not difficult to decipher the meaning of this phrase. That’s right. Just click the attractive icon or button on your mobile screen, and bingo – you’re instantly connected with the person or business associated with said button.

Click-to-map – Same principle as above. But instead of a fabulous discount coupon, recipients get time-saving directions to a business they’d like to reach.

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