Break Out of Your Blog Fog

Break Out of Your Blog Fog

Congratulations! Your brand marketing blog is now hovering in cyberspace, poised to rock the internet. From this resource will come a torrent of wisdom, news, views, tips of the trade, and every other conceivable form of digital content. But a question gnaws at you – which of the gazillion-and-one social media sites will you use to cross-promote your blog?

To bust out of this blog fog, you’ll definitely need to narrow down the choices. You can’t join them all. Unless you really have nothing better to do, but thats hard to believe.

Bear in mind, not all social networks are the same. Each has its own ravenous audience. So the first step in the narrowing-down process is figuring out which network draws the audience right for your brand. You need to be where your audience is and who will benefit the most from your rockin’ content. For a firm like ours, our audience is different on each social site, so we know who we are targeting and for what reason.

You might be shouting, “Wait, you can grab tools to manage multiple social sites!” True enough. But if you’re just duplicating content on different sites, people will catch on pretty darn quickly. Then see how many become your devoted followers. You’ll be able to count them on one hand.

If you’d rather make a more effective impression, take a good hard look at the selection of social sites to see what fits your audience. While there’s always a certain degree of overlap, most networks have a fairly consistent user makeup. LinkedIn, for instance, is the go-to spot for busy professionals eager to share and gain industry knowledge. B2B marketers by and large will want a blog connection there.

Narrowing down social sites also contributes to stronger content. By eliminating time wasted on irrelevant networks, brand marketers gain more hours to focus on crafting their blog’s compelling messages.

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