Changing Tides – March 2015

Trade Shows Not Slowing Down

Despite the huge growth in Internet marketing over the past 20 years, we find that many clients are still spending big on trade shows, a medium that offers a higher level of engagement between clients, prospects and customers. While digital marketing offers great efficiency, there is no substitute for a positive in-person experience.

The investment in pre-show marketing is directly proportional to traffic, leads and product recognition obtained by the client. Having a celebrity in the booth or fun activity relevant to the brand can positively impact the trade show experience. As for specialty premiums, always keep the kids in mind. Small, branded souvenirs that can be passed on as a toy are always popular with attendees.

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New Client Spotlight: Focus 360

Focus 360 , located in Laguna Niguel, CA, creates digital illustrations with such stunning photorealism and animation, you won’t believe your eyes. (click on picture above) Focus 360 has partnered with Young Company for marketing services beginning with primary brand research to measure the effectiveness of the Focus 360 brand currently and how better to differentiate the brand in the very competitive marketplace. This will be followed by strategic messaging, a new engaging advertising campaign and trade show exhibits.

Meet Nick Annen – Web Developer

Nick, born and raised in Orange County joins the Young Company team as Junior Web Developer. He is currently pursuing a degree in computer science, and devotes most of his time perfecting his craft and keeping up with all of the latest technology. While having experience with many digital marketing agencies, Nick also brings a go-getter attitude of which he uses to help integrate functional design into clean, modern and responsive websites. In his spare time, while he is not behind a computer screen, he loves hiking and going to the beach with friends and family..    

Have you checked your digital toolbox lately? If not, you may be shy a few items – items that can go a long way to building your brand. Here are several well worth considering…
Most brand marketers agree that personalization facilitates strong customer connections and lays the groundwork for conversions down the road.
If you’re serious about connecting with Mr. and Ms. Consumer, you’ll need to know what strikes their fancy … what gets them jumping off the sofa and straight for your website or store to make a purchase.