Putting a New Face on Facebook – June 2017

Changing Tides - June 2017

As a founding member of the social media revolution, Facebook has grown to over 1.5 Billion users per month worldwide.

I never realized the potential for Facebook in terms of reaching B2B customers until now. The ability to micro target people based on what they do is huge. For instance, I recently discovered I could reach 100,000 warehouse managers and supervisors across the U.S. on their Facebook pages. No way could I achieve this with magazine ads or direct mail, and the ability to present self-running video ads is almost as effective as old-fashioned television ads back in the 1950s.

Now, ads can appear on a single, microscopically targeted channel, such as warehouse managers’ personal Facebook pages. Do you think they are offended by ads that feature warehouse products? No, they are not, since the content is relevant to their livelihood. No wonder Facebook advertising has grown 25% in 2017 alone.

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: AMB


According to the late, great Eli Calloway, t he way to win in business is to create a product that is ” demonstrably superior and pleasingly different from the competition in some significant way.” While not as well-known as those big-headed Big Bertha drivers, AMB has created a loyal following any company would be proud of. Developed specifically for the mortgage industry by Advantage Systems CEO Brian Lynch, Accounting for Mortgage Bankers is demonstrably superior and pleasingly different in many ways. AMB is the accounting platform of choice for about 35% of the top 1,000 mortgage companies in the U.S. Because of the way it’s built, AMB delivers specific loan level detail other competitors can’t match. With a mind to sustaining AMB’s success, Brian has created a very active user group, whose members meet annually. They will be arriving from all corners of the U.S. this month to communicate, collaborate and enjoy the California lifestyle at the fabulous, fully remodeled Balboa Bay Resort.

Employee Spotlight: Heather Gregory

Heather Gregory

Heather is a tech-savvy Bay Area native who provides marketing support and coordination of marketing research, intelligence and analytics for several Young Company clients. With a communications degree from California State University, Fullerton. Heather entered Young Company as an intern where she excelled in solving both visual and copy based creative problems. After graduating the internship program, she was asked to join the team. In her free time, you can find Heather at the yoga studio, snowboarding in Mammoth, or planning her next backpacking trip.