Video Marketing: Let the Message Fit the Moment

Video Marketing: Let the Message Fit the Moment

Crank out the marketing videos and throw them into the ring. So long as they’re touting your brand, they’re hitting the mark, right? Well, maybe. It’s entirely possible that they’re falling miles from the mark. How will marketers know their aim was off? Because what will happen is absolutely nothing. Not a murmur or a whisper from the intended recipients.

Why does nothing happen? Most likely, the cause is critical disconnect. For maximum effectiveness, every marketing video must align with a stage of the buyer’s journey. When the message doesn’t fit the moment, response is nil. The message simply flies over the heads. Net gain to brand marketers: 0. Net cost: Plenty.

Clearly, marketers must acknowledge the division of stages and strategize accordingly. Videos tailor-made for the moment will make the biggest noise.

The first stop on the buyer’s journey is the awareness stage. At this critical point, assume viewers are a complete blank about your product line. They know nothing. Thus, a video that displays at this stage should be a major awareness-builder; a grand first impression that leaves viewers craving more. Dazzle and delight are the two imperatives.

If all goes according to plan, buyers will march straight on to the consideration phase. This is where things get mulled over and comparisons with other products take place. Videos at this juncture serve best when they differentiate your brand from the competition.

Finally, if luck is on your side, consumers will sail to the decision phase — the end of the line where a purchase is either transacted or shunned. This is the point at which video testimonials and other endorsements carry the most weight. If people are saying good things about your brand, make sure they’re saying it here.

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