The Plus Side of SEO

The Plus Side of SEO

With search engine optimization getting the lion’s share of attention, another kind of optimization often remains hidden in the shadows; It shouldn’t be because it’s a critical. When all is said, and done, it’s the ultimate measurement of marketing success. The phenomenon is known as conversion rate optimization (CRO). This measurement spells out in no uncertain terms the percentage of website visitors who actually grab your goods and pay for them. SEO gets them to the gate; CRO reveals how many get to the cash register.

As with search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization entails the implementation of steps designed and proven to generate results. Three of the most important of these steps are:

House Cleaning

One of the biggest impediments to conversion is the crowded web page. Buttons, images, and other space-hogging elements might dazzle. But if key content gets lost in the jumble, you’re flashing an ‘exit’ sign to visitors. Nothing discourages and confuses like the overstuffed, convoluted web page. Far more effective are easily-navigated, well-organized spaces that take visitors where you want them to go. Every page is a road map to the ultimate destination.

Speed Loading

Pity the brand that delivers prospects but can’t deliver web pages with sufficient speed. When it comes to patience, visitors have less than zero for slow-loading web pages. Upon arrival, they expect the gates to swing wide open . Delay, and they’ll dash.

Custom Searching

With mass marketing fading fast, targeted, personalized messaging reigns supreme. Given this need for personalization, custom searches are crucial. Thus, web pages should be suitably beefed-up with filtering mechanisms that narrow down searches to just the right product. “Yes, we have just what you’re looking for,” is the best message you possibly can send.

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